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If the various States across this nation lose the battle over HCR, it's time to kiss the Fifty States goodbye. Goodbye United States. Hello State of America.

ICC. Interstate Commerce Clause. It's a totalitarian politician's dream clause: absolute power over anything and everything.

Also, it's the single creation that will destroy a nation.

Am I being too dramatic? I cannot be dramatic enough. This clause has done by itself what nations of armies have not been able to do. Destroy the concept that was the United States of America.

And with the Interstate Commerce Clause, the Federal Government is empowered to do absolutely anything they desire. Anything. Because if it affects commerce in any way, it's their domain. If you buy something, it's commerce and the Feds can control it. If you choose NOT to buy something, it affects commerce and the Feds can control it. And now, the Feds can force you to engage in commerce.

All it takes, as we have seen is a simple majority in the House and Senate and a willing President to agree, and we can exercise absolute power over all the people.

With this power, the Feds believe that they will make State governments moot. And if they are allowed to have this power, they are right. There will be absolutely nothing the States can do about it if the Feds take action under the ICC.

The ICC can be applied to each and every one of the amendments in the Bill of Rights.

1st Amendment: Free speech can be curtailed because what is said is affecting whether or not people feel confident spending money.

2nd Amendment: The right of people to bear arms in a public place may affect the sales of products in that public place.

3rd Amendment: They could place soldiers in hotels and apartments, reducing available rooms, and therefore increasing the rates of rooms left available.

I could go on. I do not need to. Under the Interstate Commerce Clause, anything and everything is possible.

Which leads me to the question of what States are for? If there is absolutely nothing the States can do, why have them? One can argue that there is a great deal of variability between States today. True.

But it's not because of their Sovereign rights. It's because the Federal Government has just chosen NOT to exercise their absolute control over the States.

At least not yet. But it's coming.

It may occur as one State finds itself in such financial straits (California, Michigan, New York come to mind), that it just takes them over and treats them as we do Washington, D.C.

Or it could be all at once. After all, State boundaries are rather arbitrary to say the least. Do we really need fifty State legislatures all doing similar work? And yet all of that work is really meaningless because the Feds can change the rules for everyone by what they do in Washington because of the ICC. Let's go ahead and eliminate this waste.

Please watch this battle carefully. If the States lose the battle over the Health Care Reform signed into law, they will have lost any pretense of having any sovereign rights reserved to them as well as the pretense that the Federal Government is limited in nature.

Be prepared to welcome one State.

The State of America.

Because ALL actions (and inactions) are commerce. And the Federal Government controls all commerce.

Therefore, the Federal Government can control all actions (and inactions).

Total control of you.  Total control of me.  We will live the life they deem appropriate for us.

It's what they dream of in certain political circles.  We are seeing the dream come true.

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