The second amendment gun rights smoke screen

First and foremost, I am a gun owner and a hunter. I really love and enjoy my guns and I use them to hunt and kill game. I then eat what I killed and it is great. I have in the past been a federally licensed firearms dealer and a gunsmith. I have watched as people fight for what they call their right to own a firearm. This is a lost cause because it is not the right to own, and use a firearm that is being stripped away. It is all the other freedoms that we had in the past concerning firearms that are being stripped away. I mean what good is it to have the right to own a firearm if it is against the law to take the firearm anywhere.

Think about it; first depending on the state it may be nearly impossible to just transport the firearm in your car. So you follow the state law, get permits, locked boxes, make sure gun is unloaded, and or disassemble the firearm just to transport in your car. Now where are you going with it? Let's say you are going shopping. So you decide to stop by the bank to get some cash and then you proceed to the mall and get done just in time to pick up the kids at school. You had planned on stopping by the range to shoot but there was no time.

Without thinking about it you have just broken more laws than you can shake a stick at. First having a gun on bank property is a federal crime. Second just about all malls prohibit firearms on the promises. Last but not least is picking up the kids at school. Having a firearm on school property is a federal crime and if your kids are minors you may have gotten in to even more trouble than you bargained for. I remember here in hillbilly country when we had our gun hanging on the gun rack in the window of the pickup truck and drove around with it there all the time. We even picked up the kids at school with it there.

                                                Let me give you 2 true stories.

Story #1 in my county I would hunt deer on our local airport runway. It was a small airport and on a good day maybe 3 or 4 locals would be taking off and landing. This was a real airport though. No terminal just hangers and nobody manned it. On a typical day during deer hunting season nobody was around. I not only hunted the deer. The local airport authority begged us to because the deer was so dense that when a plane would take off or land there was a real chance on hitting a deer. Now in the past 10 to 15 years laws have been past that would put me in prison for a very long time today if I was even caught on airport property with a gun let alone hunting.

    Story #2 my son was in elementary school and one warm weekend he wanted me to take him to shoot the old Marlin 22. I did we were safe and had lots of fun. Mon 3pm he is putting his jacket on at school to get on the bus and come home. He reaches in his pocket and pulled out a empty 22 shell. To better explain, this is what is left after you fire the 22. It is nothing but a piece of brass. No bullet, no powder, and no primer. Nothing left but a piece of brass with some burnt powder residue on it. It in no way shape or form can be used to hurt anyone. It is so harmless that I bet an inmate in a prison could not make use of it. Anyway, another child saw him pull it out. Must have been an uneducated or misinformed kid because they screamed that my son had a bullet and ran in fear. Must not come from a gun toting hillbilly family like us. Well what do you know I get a call from the Principal telling me something had happened at school and my attendance was required the next day. My son was not sure but thought it must have to do with the empty 22 shell. So my son and I show up. I go into the office and am informed that my son is suspended for a week for having this item. I was not only informed I was talked down to. Then I was told that I would have to meet with him again next Mon to reinstate him and go over what I did to solve the situation. Right then and there I let the Principal know that I do not like being talked down to and let him know I have a master’s degree also. I informed him that I was a CEO of a large financial corporation and that unless he wanted to pay my salary for the meeting it would have to take place after hours. Mon came and we met. The Principal chatted with us and asked what action I took to correct and make sure this does not happen again. I answered, with him having all week off we went shooting several times to improve his aim. I sat down with my son and explained how someone so educated did not know what an empty shell was and that we must help those who are ignorant so we must attempt to make sure we do not take empty shells to school for this confuses there little minds. I explained that believe it or not, not all people like guns and even some would like to take ours away. So try not to take any empty shell to school again. The Principal did not agree with me but did reinstate my son.

My point here is that we are fighting for the right to own and bear arms. Let's be honest first we are fighting for the right to own arms because the laws are already there to stop you from bearing them. The only legal reason you have to still bear arms is in self defense to save your life and if you use the gun make sure you kill the person because if you do not you will have your pants sued off. Hey, if you just point a gun at a person it is brandishing a weapon and you are screwed. Even if they were in your home and you were force ably removing them.

Just look at the recent arrest of the so called Christian militia. Think this is good. Well think again, because if you have ever written anything denouncing or degrading the U.S Gov. and you own a semi automatic AK-47 you can be considered as someone who is plotting against the United States of America.  But what do I know I am just a small-town hillbilly.


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