Hucka”Bomb” Mis-fires

“The proof is in the pudding” – quote attributed to my angry mother.

In the weeks leading up to the well-publicized Huckabomb, I saw multiple newscasters mention/promote Mike Huckabee's “independent grassroots” money raising day of December 27th. This, in response to Congressman Ron Paul's 2 (two) outrageously successful MoneyBombs of Nov. 5th and December 16th in which he raised more than $10 million dollars in 2(two) days. Mike Huckabee's money day was termed a “huckabomb” by the Dept. of Originality of the Huckabee campaign staff.

Unlike Huckabee's, soon to be called, Huckabust, Dr. Paul's first MoneyBomb was never discussed by the Main Stream Media (MSM). Yet, he raised nearly $4.4 million that day by the internet savvy of his grassroots supporters.

Dr. Paul's 2nd moneybomb of December 16th, only mentioned a slight bit more in the MSM, netted $6 million dollars. Once again, from a growing group of nationwide supporters who mainly found out about Dr. Paul on the web.

In the 4th Quarter, Dr. Paul, to date has raised $18.8 MILLION DOLLARS. That is an average of $189,000 per day.

NOW, the pudding.

The Huckster is leading in the polls in Iowa by a large margin over the other candidates. Over Dr. Paul 2 or 3 times the polling points.

Hucka”goober” is polling #2 in the National polls with 3X the points of Dr. Paul.

I know, it isn't fair to compare the 2 with each other. Especially considering the HUGE support base Gov. HuckaBeaten has attained in the past several weeks.

Poor, old, Kooky Dr. Paul. He, who until last week was rarely seen on the MSM. He never stood a chance. It was like a sheep to slaughter. Can we EVER forgive ourselves? How will both of the Ron Paul supporters ever rid themselves of the shame.

For you see, silly Fans of Freedom

The Hucka “FAILURE” Raised a WHOPPING $95,000. That is: Ninety Five Thousand Dollars.

That is only HALF of Dr. Pauls daily average over the past three months.

Now, a very important question must be answered.


The proof is in the pudding

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