In what on the surface appeared to be a historical ruling yesterday the Supreme Court treasonously ruled 5-4 to sell out America to the highest bidder.

To many this meant that they had opened the door to the richest corporations aka the super rich Global Elite aka the Bilderbergs to not just continue to lobby (bribe) politicians for control of the country, but the ruling also will allow them to purchase as big of deals as possible and at any cost without worrying about public scrutiny.

Their decision was supposedly based on the fact in some way the our nations corporations are entitled to commit what in any other segment of life would be considered a felonious act of bribing a public official in order to protect their rights to free speech.

What a crock!

The Truth about the Supreme Courts decision has less to do with the pathetic excuse of more free speech for the deprived corporations than it does about the root of the subject all together and that is money. Not just money itself but also who has it, who has the most of it, and whom it will buy, aka greed.

Sadly money appears to talk as much in the most honored court in the country as it does in the rest of the political spectrum and according to many people including myself this country is now in a faster free fall than WTC 7 was on 9/11…and that is where this story really begins.

On September 11th 2001 the most protected country in the world, the United States of America was attacked by what was reported to be the most sophisticated and fearless group of evil doers since the beginning of time. This group systematically managed to bring the USA to a shameful checkmate in an elaborate game of chess against all “intelligence” sources in this country with the precision and accuracy of our countries highly trained Special Forces.

That one day in history went down like clock work. Almost every aspect of the attack went flawlessly perfect, so much so that some people in Hollywood have said it could have of been filmed on the lot of a major movie studio and had more flaws.

Except for one thing… WTC 7.

For some unknown reason, WTC 7 didn't fall like it should have. Something, was unmistakably out of place.

Unlike the other buildings that were attacked that day with bombs made from commercial jets filled with innocent Americans, the worlds most sophisticated terrorists and thousands of gallons of jet fuel, WTC 7 fell in a matter of seconds at free fall speed and did so without any logical scientific reasoning, yet managed to fall exactly the same way as a controlled demolition would have.

How could government be so sure that WTC 7 fell only due to fire without doing a thorough scientific analysis? They were so sure that that was the cause that didn't even consider an investigation for over a year after the event. Even then they found no good reason to include it in the  original 911 Commission Report. Why?

One would think that the US Government that investigates every aircraft accident to the point of methodically piecing back together every little piece of an aircraft to help them discover the origin of and a solution to the cause of the accident would have used this incident (the worst  possible aircraft accidents in history) to produce every scientific explanation available as to what went wrong.

Is that what occurred? No, just the opposite.

All the evidence from all the buildings was immediately either destroyed or confiscated and locked away by the FBI within days if not hours of 9/11 and after 8 years the few remaining pieces have either not been tested or those tests were never made public.

All of the governments original theories of what happened on that day were  regarded by the Bush Administration to be the only acceptable answers and anyone who doubted their “findings” was labeled an unpatriotic slime ball.

Another crock!

Just as in any other case in the history of the United States, when evidence is destroyed or eye witnesses accounts have been systematically discredited, further evidence shows a cover-up has been committed. This case is no different.

Americans for hundreds of years have thought that their country, the good ol' USA, was as close to perfect as a country could possibly be. When what seemed to be dirt was thrown at Uncle Sam, proud Americans quickly swept it under the rug as clutter and moved on saying, “America…don't like it … Leave It” or “It may not be perfect but it's the best there is.”

While we don't always agree with our government we have always found comfort in letting stuff go, thinking that in the end everything will work out better for a least most of the people, just as union members have done in the past, knowing that the union bosses had crime syndicate ties. The feeling there was that if the “Mob” could do a better job of taking care of Americans than the greedy corporations, that that who helped them really didn't matter.

But times have changed. The government through think tanks like the CRF has been working overtime figuring out just what makes us “tic” and how they can manipulate out trust to help them get what they want out of us.

Our government has been hijacked and it is not any longer OK to blindly defend and trust our government by burying our heads in the sand.

What happened on 9/11 was not what we were told by our government. Their explanation(s) defied all logic and was mathematically, scientifically and logically impossible.

Myself and tens of thousands of Americans many of which are proudly labeling themselves these days as patriots question 911 and 911 truth organizations, comprised of architects, engineers, police officers, firefighters, students, pilots, scholars and even 9/11 victims families are beginning to walk a tight-rope of possible ridicule, are investigating the inconsistencies in the governments story. Their private investigations show the governments explanations aren't logical and wondering why it is that these things seem to be completely misrepresented if not undeniably covered-up by those that demand the authority to have the final word.

WTC 7 is as they say testifying from it's grave. Whatever happened to WTC 7 on 9/11, it was not an accident and it was not an act of surprise.

It was a deliberately and professionally executed controlled demolition and the top brass in the Bush Administration were undeniably involved an knew 9/11 was going to happen long enough ahead of 9/11 to preplan WTC 7's fate.

9/11 was an inside job and WTC 7 is the “smoking gun”. It is proof of unprecedented and untethered government corruption at it's worst. Innocent people were sacrificed by their own government for a diabolical plot to control their thinking and to manipulate their “improved” world agenda.

So what can we as disposable ammunition for our government to regain some fragment of self determination?

First of all, everybody in the government that refuses to even talk about WTC 7 other than a simple off the cuff joke is either an perpetrator of the worst crime in American history or they are afraid to talk about it. It's one or the other…plain and simple and either way it is an act of treason.

So at least in my mind, I'm am not about to support, vote for or donate to any politician or any of their “important” causes, that will not openly discuss WTC 7 and all the evidence that has been collected by myself and the thousands of professionals listed above.

As far as I am concerned we have been shanghaied and will continue to be such until the American people get their heads out of the sand and accept the fact that the American government that is controlled by the Federal Reserve and other major banks around the world can not be blindly trusted by the populous. We must be vigilant and not haphazardly trust committees selected by those in our questionable government and we need organize do our own committees by trusted and distinguished scholars and scientists and do our own investigations.

One of the problems we face in doing so is the same as we have always faced…. the corporation/government bought and paid for propaganda news sources aka the Main Stream Media (MSM). All MSM reports of WTC 7 from the day of 9/11 have mysteriously vanished. They even refuse to discuss new scientific evidence (not conspiracy theorist evidence) that extremely explosive dust residue (Thermite) was collected all over the neighborhoods surrounding the World Trade Center complex that are in such quantities as to prove that hundreds of tons of high explosives were in the demolished buildings prior to their demise.

Another problem is the governments counter evidence groups aka debunker and bloggers, constantly search out and try to destroy all independent (non-MSM) evidence, no matter how reliable the sources are.

There is also the many distractions in the world that are played with and manipulated by the MSM to distract us from the truth of their despicable crimes against humanity. I'm not talking about natural disasters such as those brought on by the devastating earthquake in Haiti that has sadly taken countless lives but the more the invented news stories that are over played and or manipulated by the MSM, such as Tiger Woods' alleged sex addiction. There is also the side show news stories such as the health care reform joke that Obama is trying to push through and Ron Paul's audit the Fed legislation. As much as I like Ron Paul, even he knows that a government selected audit committee will have about as much legitimacy and honesty of the 911 committee.

None. It's just too little too late and therefore will serve more as a distraction than an improvement in the direction the country is going.

There are many many major problems facing the country at this time, but non of them is more urgent than finding out the truth about WTC 7. Until then we have absolutely no idea whom we can and cannot trust in the government.

Now…another stone has been thrown….another straw has been put  on the back of the camel  with the Supreme Court's ruling to sell out the country to the highest bidder,  emphasises the need that this is the time  that we need to act. The Global Elite have opened up lately and admitted that a new world order is on their agenda we need to keep the pressure on them until they at least openly talk about WTC 7. If that happens and I doubt it, at least the truth will known to the world before they declare martial law on us for being enemy combatants for doubting their patriotism.





I stopped writing articles here at Nolan Chart about a year or so ago while trying to figure out who really “Owns” the world.

The more I learned, the more depressed I got and I decided that I needed to stop writing for health reasons.

However…I have seen the truth in my searches and it isn't pretty.

I truly believe that the only thing that has more power in the world than the greedy corrupt bastards that are trying to buy the world without any concern for human rights the inevitable power of truth. It is time for a New World Order. Not the NWO that the Bilderbergs want so bad, but one of global unity brought on by a global awareness that criminals have taken over the free world.

I Do Not want to try to lead a crusade against the evil doers. I do not want to stick my neck out by condemning these ruthless individuals that could care less about what we think and don't care if we live or die.

But it tears me up sitting back knowing that the American people are blinded by deceit and well thought out manipulation to the point where I felt like I had too at least try to save my fellow Americans and hope that the people will wake up and see what I see as the destruction of humanity as we know it.

Fortunately I believe in my heart that the power of the good will always prevail over the power of evil and even though finding out that the totality of our government is corrupt, we as a people will be able to pull together in unity and solidarity to overcome all odds.






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