The Radical U.S. Constitution

George Orwell made a very interesting observation when he stated, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” This is the very quote Aaron Russo chose to be the beginning frame in his eye-opening documentary America: from Freedom to Fascism. Watching and reading the news brought this statement back into focus. This election cycle I hear people once again wincing in the pain of considering a choice between the lesser of two evils. Some think the lesser evil is a Democrat, others believe the lesser is a Republican yet most feel there is not much chance of a choice for truth because there just isn’t much being provided that rings true to many listening. Most of the rhetoric left and right is predictable, political drabble heard many times over, seen in action, often viewed as deceit.

Turning the clock back 240 years we glimpse the beginnings of a movement, one started between enlightened gentlemen, in pubs and homes across the colonial world in North America. Frustration was mounting over the oppressive nature of the British Empire in its handling of affairs within the colony so far removed. Within a decade this murmur had become revolutionary as the independence had been declared and war raged in a battle of traitors struggling for their liberty and freedom. We should well remember the founders we honor with statues and praises for their daring revolt against King George III were traitors clearly committing an act of treason. It was a radical culmination to the growing frustration of rule without proper representation.

A decade later the founders were now the patriots who were successful in defeating the King’s army, breaking free and establishing a new nation, the United States of America. The next radical act occurred when 55 representatives of the 13 colonies gathered to improve on the Articles of Confederation and instead locked the doors, posted sentries, and proceeded to discuss, debate, and develop the most unprecedented document ever created as a blueprint for governing a nation.

This radical document we know today as The Constitution for the United States of America. Never before in the history of mankind had such an approach been suggested, and then ratified. In setting this document in motion the United States of America became a country with a Constitution created to allow control of the Federal government to rest ultimately in the hands of the people, the whole of the people.

The people, being citizens of their respective States, were given the stewardship over the quality of the Federal government. There were extreme checks and balances placed within the blueprint to limit the size and scope of Federal control with the States and the people remaining more powerful in setting the direction for the development of the country and in controlling their own lives. This was truly revolutionary, radical, bold in vision, and bolder in application. It was 220 years ago and I wondered, in reading and watching the news this year, why any voice demanding it is still applicable, any person daring to stand and point to the Constitution and proclaim our answers rest in following it is painted with a word, radical.

The NY Times, July 22, 2007, printed, “The most radical congressman in America is a Republican from Texas…” There have been heated exchanges over the daring, or what some see as treasonous, statements about failed foreign policies having any contributing factor in the challenges facing our country today from foreign enemies. The ideas of ending the IRS, shutting down the private bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank, reducing Federal government by measuring departments against the enumeration provided in the Constitution and eliminating those not authorized lead to further cries of how radical these ideas are.

After entering the Republican Presidential campaign this radical congressman’s message leaked out through the power of the Internet. Volunteers to the campaign unofficially began to call it the Ron Paul Revolution. Republican opponents from Giuliani to McCain have attempted to counter that we have no blame in foreign enemies hating us; personalities claiming to be voices of a conservative, Republican Party refer to the Texas Congressman and his followers as radical and wacko. Google Ron Paul and treason together and you will see time and again claims he and his followers are thought of as traitors by many.

All of this created quite a concern for me personally and I started really looking at this radical person who dare take these revolutionary stands on the issues. I discovered a traitor, one who would no doubt have been involved in those enlightened discussions some 240 years ago. There for me to see was a history of a lone voice in today’s U.S. House of Representatives time and again pointing to a radical document and attempting to sway our representatives to return to its guidance. By doing so he became known as Dr. No yet the more I researched the more I wondered if he should not be instead known as Dr. Know.

We are a nation founded by traitors committing treason against an oppressive government. It is good to find a growing movement of people, whose duty it is to control the Federal Government (not the other way around) rallying toward a message of liberty and freedom; rallying toward the support of the radical U.S. Constitution. Orwell’s words should be considered every time we listen to the news or read the press for truly in times of universal deceit the truth really is revolutionary.

Gary Wood

Gary Wood

I'm a simple man who has journeyed near and far. My experiences have taken me to foreign lands and across the country. One constant has guided me, there are great people and great beauty everywhere.I have loved, laughed, struggled and cried. My foundation is set in a belief of more good than evil, more fair than not, more time for admiration, less time for hate. I'm also a student of government and history who stands proud of our country's heritage and the oath I swore four decades past.
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