Ron Paul Supporters Perpetuate Conspiracy Theory

 A review of online entries from Ron Paul supporters leads to the conclusion that all three of them would have us believe that the mainstream media conspires to keep Ron Pauls popularity at a minimum. This is actually a lame cover for their own inability.

But let's not underestimate them. They are a  highly intelligent, technologically advanced little clique. They skew online polls, deploy hundreds of human-like apparations to political gatherings, and practice mind control, directing thousands of Americans to contribute millions of dollars to the Ron Paul campaign.

However not everyone is vulnerable to their nefarious activities. It seems that the most morally upright, patriotic, and unselfish character models among us are unaffected by their efforts, which demonstrates the above-mentioned inability. I cite as examples Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Lou Dobbs to name a few. In fact they are so un-affected, they don't even seem to know that Ron Paul and his supporters exist.

It may be that ETs are involved, and that could have something to do with all three Ron Paul supporters wearing tin hats. But that's my theory.

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