Shall Not Be Infringed

The Nationalist Party of America (NPA) shall strongly support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. America is one of the few nations on earth with the right to keep and bear arms. That right is largely responsible for our independence and sovereignty. Our enemies envy us our success and would deny it so that we become reduced to their level. We wholeheartedly support 2nd Amendment rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and as given to us by Almighty God. We hold this to be an individual's right. No law is legitimate that restricts this right. In keeping with this belief, we will call for repeal of all Federal gun legislation and nullification of all state laws that are not in accordance with an individual's Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

 As a foundation block of the Constitution, it is imperative this freedom remain unhindered so our liberty and independence remain unfettered. The Nationalist Party of America (NPA) must actively work to impeach any politician who would deny the second amendment since he is not upholding his oath “…to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and would allow the tyranny of government to prevail. The second amendment is the ultimate persuader against a politician or party intent upon domestic mischief or skullduggery.

The founding fathers, who had just fought an armed insurrection against their own government, supported the individual right to rebel and overthrow the powers that be. They did not enshrine the second amendment to protect sport shooting, or hunting, or even defense of the self and the home, but rather so that people would have the firepower to unseat their government again, if they felt it wise and necessary to do so.

The solidity of the second amendment ensures the sanctity of the first amendment, as well as the other eight. Without it, we are not voluntary participants in a free system, but slaves to despotism and fear.

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  1. Steve Storck says

    “Nationalist” sounds suspiciously collectivist, or possibly fascist. The Objectivist party is the way to go.

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