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My last article about Steorn [the Irish company professing to have a “free energy” technology they call Orbo] drove some very interesting comments out of the woodwork again, enough so to inspire this attempt to address them in a separate article.

Several months have passed since my last installment  about Steorn, a small Irish company professing to have a “free energy” technology. I know the silence has been deafening. Despite my best intentions, I have been unable (until now) to bring you any news… Even now, how you perceive the news will depend  more on you than on the news itself. Some will be encouraged. Some will say “So what?” A large set of incorrigible nay-sayers quite predictably will, simply, mock.

In past installments (complete list below this article,) I've told you my impressions of the Steorn Knowlege Development Base (SKDB), a web interface that teaches the inner workings of Steorn's proprietary Orbo technology. The Orbo comes in at least two flavors, one utilizing permanent magnets and one based on the control of CEMF (Counter Electromotive Force.) This is yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of my experience as one of the “Steorn 300,” a group of individuals and engineering companies Steorn has chosen to study and develop their Orbo technology.

I regretfully must confess that, except for rather minor feedback on the Steorn e-learning modules so far released, and the generally positive articles I write about the company, 'til now I've been unable to be very contributive at all. This sad state of affairs is the result of an obvious “conspiracy” of sorts, a “perfect storm” comprising these elements:

  • The US federal government has been destroying the economy and the dollar
  • I have been traveling too much and also scrambling to make a living
  • Steorn's revelations have not seemed as conclusive as I had hoped

Virtually everyone has of course been affected by the government's disastrous irresponsibility, and I think we can expect the inevitable consequences to get far, far worse before things turn around; and so, keep scrambling!

Government meddling with the economy and  the FED’s recent  and unprecedented inflation of the money supply has everyone hustling,  just trying to keep up. Although I know that I am not the only one who has been preoccupied with trying to eke out a living,  between work and an unusual amount of travel this year, I have nonetheless not had the free time to devote to the direct experiments with Orbo technology that I had hoped to be able to attempt by now.

But beyond those “distractions,” Steorn itself has continued to be somewhat inscrutable and sporadic in its release of knowledge and support. The disclosures so far, even to those of us in Steorn's “inner circle,” have been predominantly theoretical in nature and seemingly supported only by anecdotal accounts of isolated, and in some instances unrepeatable, past successes.

I've mentioned before that part of my lack of motivation has been the revelation that lessons for The 300 are initially confined to methods of “decoupling CEMF from torque for electromagnet interactions” rather than “controlling the response time of magnetic materials” — Steorn's incredible and dramatic originally announced technology. The e-learning modules themselves that describe how Orbo works, while logical on their face, have unfortunately been impossible to evaluate directly without a considerable amount of experimentation that I have not immediately had the time to accomplish.

I am not the only one who has been de-motivated by the perception of Steorn's less than conclusive e-learning presentations when seen in the light of past disappointments with their attempts at public demonstration. In the forums accessible to the 300,  some have commented on misgivings about the credibility of Steorn's past successes as well as the lukewarm response of the jury. For example, one of the 300 had this to say:

“You see, I don't want to operate because  Steorn “believes” this process, but because they've really shown this process to be operational.”

In the same vein, here is a similar (although perhaps somewhat more optimistic) quote from another among the group:

“I'd drop almost everything and focus on it exclusively if there was some substantial evidence that it's real.”

And so, such as they are, those are the reasons I have not kept you as well informed as I had originally hoped. The basic problem is “having a life”, compounded by a distinct lack of enthusiasm that resulted from a somewhat underwhelming technical revelation. It takes many hours to do a creditable job of writing each of these articles — time stolen from other remunerative activities — and it would take far, far more to do a worthy experimental engineering analysis of what Steorn has taught me so far. I regret that I haven't yet been able to do more.

Something Is Brewing at Steorn!

But, wait! Something big is clearly brewing at Steorn! As you might expect, Steorn is quite sensitive about certain specifics related to their plans, and they have not hesitated to contact me in days past when I've inadvertently said a bit too much. I have no intention of violating my Non-Disclosure Agreement with Steorn, and I am sure that if I skate too close to thin ice I'll be hearing from them again.

I will  now pull together several observations that I honestly believe I can present without breaching my NDA (Sean and Company, I'll be watching for your email in the event that I have somehow overstepped?,) and which (in concert) seem to inescapably lead to the conclusion that Steorn is on the very threshold of its next major step.

First, there is Steorn's publicly stated claim that it will act before the end of this year. Sean has recently re-affirmed that timeline in this published interview, confirming that Steorn intends to launch Orbo technology before 2009 is over:

“The demonstration will involve a public display of various Orbo systems, there will be a live video-stream from the location that people can watch via our website.” – Sean

Obviously, we are approaching the end of the year, with only about one month remaining on the calendar!

Second, there is the recent shut down of the Steorn Forum for public discussion, hosted on the Steorn website.  This seems to me to be a portent indicating that “idle chatter” about the viability of Orbo will very soon no longer be relevant. Here is the announcement about the forum:

General: [Closed] Forum Closure
Nov 16th 2009
Please note that the Steorn public forum has been closed. The forum will return at some point in the future.

The most logical “point in the future” is, of course, after all controversy has been finally put to rest by the public launch of Orbo. I additionally discovered to my surprise when I recently logged in to the SKDB that comments offering feedback on the e-learning modules had been removed and disabled.

Third, while I cannot expose any proprietary technical details nor can I reveal any specific dates that I may know of from access to private communications, I do, however, have reason to believe that a significant number of us will become eye-witnesses of the Orbo effect in the foreseeable future. And so, either when Steorn chooses to launch Orbo, or perhaps shortly thereafter, there should be a number of individuals scattered around the globe who are likely to be able to confirm Orbo with direct testimony something like this:

“Yes, I have seen Orbo. Yes, I have witnessed it in action. I now know by personal observation that Orbo really works, precisely as Steorn has maintained all along.”

I hope that it will not be long now before I will be one among many eye-witnesses able to testify in this way.

Finally, we know that it is Steorn's publicly stated intent that Orbo technology become available to any interested parties, by license, and for “a reasonable fee.” Sean has said:

“The way that we are launching Orbo is a model of open access, i.e. any company or individual can purchase a license agreement.” Sean

After the ultimate Steorn public disclosure that I believe for these reasons to be imminent, virtually anyone reading these words will be able to sign on for a license to learn and use Orbo in whatever way you may see fit.

“…pretty soon, Orbo and all the other technologies will be in the market… I would say that launch is not far away, that access to Orbo will be low cost and readily available. And finally I would say never let anyone do your thinking for you – get involved!”Sean

What is The Gospel According to Steorn?

Before I end this article, I would like to share what is to me a rather curious and interesting observation. Those of you who may be familiar with my writing on Nolan Chart know that I am a student of the Bible. I see a very considerable parallel between the way Sean McCarthy and Steorn have gone about the process of disclosing the new Orbo technology and the methods that Jesus Himself used to bring The Gospel into the world. At the time when Christianity was launched, there were only about 500 eye-witnesses of Christ's resurrection. Those eye-witnesses have succeeded in making Christianity an unstoppable world-wide movement by spreading the word of Jesus' bodily resurrection from the dead.

Whatever the exact date may be when Orbo is finally launched, the “good news” that steady power will henceforth be available “off the grid” will spread from the 300 (and others with direct eye-witness experience,) to developers who will build finely-engineered Orbo devices, and ultimately into the hands of “the common man” whose life the technology will surely greatly benefit.

“The availability of free energy will change everything, the availability of free energy in the form of Orbo is even more significant since it can be engineered directly into devices, i.e. no grid connections are required. So Orbo will impact every aspect of our lives.” Sean

And that, my friend, is “The Gospel According to Steorn,” and I, for one, consider it to be great news! At such a time as I may have personally replicated and observed Orbo in action, I intend to report the results and my observations here, good, bad, or indifferent. I believe this is part of my charter and purpose as one of “The Steorn 300″ and I hope you'll stay tuned as the adventure continues.

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