Health Care: Another Open Letter to Congressman Dent from Jake Towne

Dear Congressman Dent,

I wrote to you previously in June on the unconstitutionality of your health care plan and took the trouble to hand-deliver my letter to you personally in July. Although I have not received a response, after reading your featured editorial on August 9, 2009, in the area's Morning Call newspaper “Health care bill is too important to get wrong,” I decided to write and call your office again. A copy of this letter will be sent to the Morning Call as well. You wrote:

“I believe we can expand access to health insurance through common-sense policies that address the unique needs of the uninsured population. More than half of the 45.7 million Americans who are uninsured are younger than 35. Many of these individuals don't buy insurance because they are healthy. We should be sure that they have access to less-costly catastrophic plans and provide greater flexibility by allowing young adults up to 29 years to stay on their parents' health insurance policy as a dependent.”

As an uninsured American younger than 35 with an income level greater than the median household income, I can speak for myself that I did not buy health insurance not because I am too “healthy” but because it is simply too expensive ($700-$1200 per month). You are correct that many younger Americans would opt for less-costly catastrophic plans, but you have failed to ask the critical question: Why is health care today so expensive in the first place?

As I outlined in my health care platform, this all stems from the federal government's forced manipulation of the health care industry starting with President Nixon's introduction of HMOs in the 1970s. A competitive free market has never been allowed to develop under the oppression of Congress. The result is apparent to all – super-strong health insurance lobbies in Washington that maintain the status quo by plying the mouths and feeding the pocketbooks of our Congress.

You also wrote: “12 million uninsured Americans are already eligible for public programs like Medicaid or SCHIP. We should make sure these individuals and families are enrolled in the existing public programs or give them the option to use their current public support to join a cost-effective private plan.”

While I certainly have nothing against those eligible enrolling, please understand you are directly encouraging state-sponsored socialized medicine in its current forms. As I highlighted in my health care platform, Medicare ALONE has $85 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. I painstakingly described the economics behind why the state plans will ultimately fail, and we must start preparing a transition from government-run health care.

You then continued: “We should help subsidize the cost of insurance through a tax incentive for families who cannot afford quality coverage.”

I hope you are starting to see the deep flaws in your logic. Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth, nor to grant special privileges, nor to interfere with our lives. Again, the high costs have already come from government granting privileges to the health care insurance lobbies, and selling out the American people. Your plan, the “Medical Rights and Reform Act” will, in your own words, “foster state innovation through insurance market reforms, high-risk pools, community health networks, and new association options for small businesses” and promises to socialize medicine by “giving low-income families the option to use public funds to purchase private health insurance plans.”

Lastly, you wrote: “We should provide a safety net for Americans who are medically uninsurable because of high costs or a pre-existing condition.”

While these ideas may appeal to our altruistic side because they help the unfortunate, your bill is similar to Obamacare in that it uses the State to commit organized robbery and theft from those with wealth and redistributing it to those who have less. As we all know, this was the key failing of the Marxist USSR, and have resulted in the destruction of wealth in the Soviet bloc and among all other socialist societies.

I make this suggestion that you and each and every other Member of Congress voluntarily and heavily donate to private health care charities in their local areas as this will demonstrate your sincerity to the principle of helping the poor. This is what is meant by “leading by example.”  Our country used to fund care of the sick and homeless through voluntary charities.  Now, many Americans place their trust in the government to tend for our poor, and this trust is sorely placed as the government and its Federal Reserve System is the greatest looter on the planet.

As well you know, We the People in your area will have paid you $174,000 plus benefits for your elite congressional health care plan as well as roughly $1.3 million to run your office in 2009 alone. If elected, I have promised to not enroll in Congress's elite health care plan. Citizens should be wary of politicians who plot to control their constituents' health care, but will not and do not enroll in it themselves.

Furthermore, Congressman, I am less than impressed with your record on health care not just in 2009, but during the past five (5) years you have held office. It is just another great reason to invest my personal time and effort to be elected as Congressman and replace you in November 2010's election.

What should we do with health care? Medical tort reform should be a high priority but on the state – not the federal – level.  As a career politician with 13 years experience in state Congress you do recognize that contract and liability law are reserved to the States via the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, correct?

Second, we should immediately halt the bills the Democrats and yourself, a Republican, have brought up that sponsor state control of our health care. Think of all the time Congress is currently wasting on this topic when the true number of uninsured concerned with obtaining health care is far, far less than the 45 million figures quoted by the Democrats. We have two wars boiling over borders, a monetary system on the brink of collapse, and an ailing economy, and all DC wants to do is redistribute money from those with more to those with less.

This is a very old and childish political game not at all unlike the “bread and circuses” policies of the Roman empire before its collapse. We still have time to act, but your efforts are not helping to restore our Republic. The point of the letter on health care I wrote you earlier, sir, is that you are breaking your oath to the Constitution. The United States Constitution was written under the principle of “positive grant.” This means the federal government is authorized to exercise only the powers which are specifically given to it by the Constitution, and nothing more. If you do insist on pursuing state control of health care in our name, please take the only honorable action available to you and propose a constitutional amendment.

charlie charles dent jake towne

Our country's leaders and representatives should share the same vision. The purpose of the current Welfare State should be to eliminate the need for its own existence.  Although this will take many years, citizens should elect officials that start with the end in mind, and have solid plans on how to get there, not those who insist on perpetuating the status quo.

Please see the postscript for a list of unreplied letters I have written to your office.

Your fellow citizen,

Jake Towne

2010 Candidate for US Congress, PA-15

P.S. – Regarding our face-to-face meeting on July 6th, I have yet to receive any response to my many unanswered letters I took care to personally hand to you. Again, if you have the time only to reply to one issue, PLEASE reply to me concerning your stance on monetary policy and the Federal Reserve. I remain highly concerned that by your approval of the Banker Bailout of 2008 and your inaction during the past five (5) years in Congress to make any effort to salvage the integrity of the nation's currency, the dollar, you have played a role in the eventual and likely demise of our monetary system. 

I have yet to receive any reply to the Open Letter addressed to you on July 21st, 2009, asking why you voted to give away $50 Billion in foreign aid.  I believe almost everyone in our district would agree with me that spending our tax dollars domestically would be better than frittering away them on economic and military aid abroad.

I have yet to receive any reply to the Open Letter addressed to you on July 7th, 2009, in regards to your thoughts on sponsoring a bill that would require Congress to read the bills before voting to pass them.

I have yet to receive any reply to the Open Letter addressed to you on June 26th, 2009, in regards to your thoughts on sponsoring a bill that would require Congress to only pass bills that address just 'One Subject at a Time.'

On June 4th, I sent you a note concerning the constitutionality of using of taxpayer funds on the nation's health care and asked a simple question in regards to HR 2516, the Medical Rights Act, a bill you co-signed. Could you please reply to this question?

On May 7th, I sent you a note requesting your thoughts on the Federal Reserve (specifically whether you would support abolishing it, and if not, why) and our nation's monetary policy. As requested above, could you please reply and inform me of your stance on the FED and monetary policy?


Jake Towne is running for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania's 15th District in the 2010 election as a citizen unaffiliated with any political parties.  Jake also writes at and www.CampaignForLiberty.comA master campaign presentation for internet viewing is available.  A novel campaign website built by Raging Debate, has recently opened.  [Reach the Author Here!] 

A great video of the Liberty Candidates made by the RJ Harris campaign including Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh, and others can be viewed by scrolling down on the home page at


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As always, unlike the NFL, the author grants full permission to allow any accounts of, rebroadcasts, retransmissions, repostings of this article to your blog or anywhere else in order to promote the Restoration of our Republic.

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