What should Blagojevich do?

Well, first off he is doing the right thing by proclaiming his innocence. Pay-to-play has always been part of Illinois politics, under Ryan, Edgar, and many other politicians. I find it hypocritical that he's being criticized for doing a pretty decent job as Governor just because he allows money to influence him. In DC that would be called lobbying, not bribery. If the trains run on time and the streets are clean, who cares if he makes a little extra on the side; it's cheaper than giving him a raise.

Second he should appoint a placeholder for Obama's Senate seat. My preferred choice is Jim Oberweis…why? Simple, Oberweis is considered a gadfly by now and disliked by not only Democrats but also a majority of Republican (I happen to like him and agree with him most of the time). Also, he is extremely wealthy and would make the 2010 primaries and possibly general election interesting. Also, by appointing a Republican like Oberweis would be a major snub to the Democrats that have stabbed him in the back and weaken the Republican's criticism of him.

Finally, he should dish out the dirt on Obama. What did Obama know and when did he know it? A prominent politician like Obama knows what goes on in his state. I bet he even offered money to Blagojevich to consider his preferred candidate. Hopefully we will find the truth.

Keep fighting the good fight Blago!!!!!!!

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