Is this the current U.S.A. Chessboard map of the Illuminati?

In my earlier article (Link here), I announced that 2009 could be the beginning of the end of the U.S. Civil War which began with guns in 1860, and has been fought economically and politically since the end of that horrible war, which took the lives of more than 600,000 Americans.

In an article by Emma Goldman (Link here), it was discussed that the Illuminati actually exist, not as a physical organization, but as the intellectual, economic, cultural, and political elite of the world.

Using the 'illuminati chessboard' theory, and the 2008 Presidential election results, in my last article I noted how some states that voted for Obama were predicted to call for a new Constitutional Convention in or after 2009.

I claimed that such a constitutional convention would be nothing to fear, that Obama and the newly energized youth / minority represented in the Democratic party were good signs, not totalitarian signs.

Also using the theory that movies are a popular medium used by the illuminati to document the 'chessboard' war of the dishonest vs. the honest illuminati (a “War of the Worlds” as it were), I immediately reinterpreted a movie I saw last week.  Thus my sentiments of it went from disgust to elation. 

On December 12, 2008, this was the “day that the earth stood still” in American politics.  We Americans do not know the inner workings of global and American politics, but my 'Spider senses' are tingling, because this day just happens to be the day that the new Keanu Reeves movie was released, by the same name. (Link here).

At the end of that movie, where the alien decides he's not going to destroy the world, one of the decisions that permitted him to reach that conclusion was that human beings weren't necessarily racist, and the products of our ingenuity are actually life-affirming and not harmful to the earth.

The symbolizing moment of anti-racism was shown when the woman and child are in the cemetery, mourning the dead soldier father.  Notice that she is white and the child is multi-racial:  rather like Obama and his mom!  The other symbol in that moment was that the child's father (and indeed many fathers) had been lost in “just wars” fought for “higher causes”.  Note how many black fathers have been killed in the 'War on Drugs', and how many fathers were killed in the Civil War, for instance.  Finally, since the 'The Matrix' is another illuminati movie, with Keanu Reeves also in it, the puzzle piece was clearly snapped into place that this movie is another one created by the 'good guy' Illuminati, NOT the “the good ol' boy network” (racist Klan).

Two other cultural pieces of the Illuminati puzzle fell into place, because last week was when the trap was sprung against “Chicago Way” Rod Blagojevich by ONE HEROICALLY BRAVE U.S. ATTORNEY — Patrick Fitzgerald: a REAL LIFE ELIOT NESS ON THE TRAIL OF A DARK KNIGHT “HARVEY-TWO-FACE” lawyer.  On Friday the 12th, Time announced President-Elect Barack Obama as their “2008 Man of the Year“.  But notice these colors are in Red White and Blue, and he's pictured stately facing slightly left of center, while their earlier FDR knockoff cover was him sneering to the right, in shades of gray (and surrounded by Marxist Leninist red and white).  We know the honest Illuminati are inspired by America, and the haters of America promote the 'shades of grey' myth: that moral relativism and not moral absolutes exist — the myth that every good person has evil in them (original sin).  We also know that FDR was surrounded by the Marxist-Leninists of his day, and that he was their political pawn.

And lastly, on Fox Business Network last night, no other than Jonah Goldberg (author of the excellent book, “Liberal Fascism“) announced how giddy he was about the prospects of experiencing a 'Piñata of happiness' at the news events that would be occuring during the remaining month of December, and on past the holdidays, as a result of the Fitzgerald case against Blagojevich.  My “spidey senses” tell me that the the days are thus numbered for the Marxist-Leninists, statists / collectivists in U.S.A. politics.

So finally, what might the 'good guy' vs 'bad guy' illuminati U.S. chessboard look like?  See below.  I colored in purple every state where Ron Paul placed third or better.  Notice that the purple states have divided the country into east, west, and central regions, with Michigan completely surrounded.  Tennessee appears to the the only route of 'escape' from central red states to southeastern red states.  But the illuminati chessboard map below indicates that Americans in 2008 spoke loud and clear for anti-racism (13 million for Obama) and economic prosperity (1.2 million for Ron Paul).

Now all we need is to cheer on U.S. Attorney Patrick Fiztgerald, to clean-sweep away the “Chicago Way” (last guard of the old racist, mercantilist, Hamiltonian federalists and their cohorts in U.S. government) in Illinois, and then I predict the final two states necessary for a Constitutional Convention will make their public announcements.

In 2009?  Stay tuned !!!!

by Nickalis N. Tower, 

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