Do NOT Write-In Ron Paul!

You and I both love Ron Paul very much. He has been a stalwart of Liberty in this nation for over three decades, consistently voting for (as a representative) and supporting (as a private citizen) causes as dear to our hearts as they are important to the success and survival of our nation. However, when you vote this election season, though I prefer to phrase things in the affirmative, I must implore to NOT WRITE-IN RON PAUL!

The reasons for this are short, simple, and most Liberty advocates will agree they are convincing.

Your Vote Will NOT be Counted

This is the single most important reason not to write in Ron Paul for President. Laws vary from State to State, but the general consensus is that a write-in vote for President can only be counted if the write-in candidate files as a write-in candidate. The other two varieties are that a candidate cannot file as a write-in if they lost the primary and that some States don't allow write-ins for President, period! This makes Ron Paul a no-gainer as a write-in choice given he never won a primary and, more importantly, has not filed as a write-in candidate in any State.

Your vote for President will not be counted if you do – you may as well not even vote if you intend to write-in Ron Paul.

You can find a comprehensive list of the write-in laws in your State at the following link: State-by-State Write-in Laws

Don't blame me, blame your State governments for restricting voter choice. If you hate it, work with the Campaign for Liberty, the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, or other organization (or all of them!) to make your State's ballot measures more inclusive.

There are two exceptions to this: Ron Paul will actually be on the ballot in Louisiana and Montana.                                               [link edited for length]

If you live in these States, I encourage you to read the next section before voting for Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul Does NOT Want to be President

Let's make one thing very clear Ron Paul does not want to be president. He had a chance to drop the GOP, pull a John Anderson (GOP Presidential candidate who later ran as an independent), and continue the fight. You have no idea how many former Huckabee and Romney supporters tell me they would vote for Ron Paul in the general election, if he were running … he's not. Dr. Paul could have shaken this nation's political foundations, but instead, he dropped out and stayed out.

Even Paul himself has said about writing him in, “I don't think that's very productive. Supporters can do it, of course, but in most of the states it won't count. And if they can change the rules in a primary and not count all the votes, imagine what they could do with write-in votes!”                                      [link edited for length]

Dr. Paul does not want the job and, more importantly, he does not want you to write him in.

There are Still Plenty of Liberty Candidates to Choose From!

Please, if you love Liberty, vote Barr or Baldwin. Both have their drawbacks, there is no sense in hashing them out here. Pick one you love and vote for him or vote for whomever you want. You just need to understand that if you write-in Ron Paul YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED BY LAW! That's right. Your State will not only not count your write-in vote, they are REQUIRED BY LAW not to count your write-in vote.

Not to mention, Barr and Baldwin are gathering votes for their respective Parties.  The number of votes they get in this election could determine whether their Parties have to jump through all the ballot access hoops or not in the election after this one.  If you write-in Ron Paul, you will not be helping anyone at all.  At least a vote for Barr or Baldwin is a vote for ballot access.    

It's unfair, I agree, but there's no time to change it now. We do what we can with the means we have. Barr, Baldwin, and the others are not the quality of candidate that Ron Paul would have been, but he's not running, does not want to be president, and your State will likely not count your vote if you write Ron Paul in.

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