The United States Dollar Promises Nothing!

Today, we have those in the Halls of Power who are seeking to find some artificial remedy for the troubles in which we now find ourselves in this contrived and manipulated economy. They seek to find a cure within the very system that is the cause of the ailment. They are reaching deep in the recesses of human ingenuity to find a solution but they fail to diagnose the illness simply looking at the symptoms.

We are all trapped in a system that has resulted in unproductive consumption and in a very real sense, an improvident erosion of real wealth. Those who have sought a far quicker and much more ingenious means of gaining wealth have taken generations of prosperity away from this country with their monetary alchemy, indeed they have sought to make gold out of mere sheets paper, tokens with no asset value and no redeeming qualities on which to build real sustainable wealth.

So, the scheme of absolute fiat money was stealthily imposed upon this country, without consent from the People, in fact without they knowledge either. Thus fiat money, the simplest contrivance of monetary trickery was imposed upon our land, upon our people and with its mighty hand our government stated that a piece of paper would be money. And so we have it, a paper with official seals upon it, special inks and alluring denominations all pointing to a reality that is simply not there and does not operate under existing monetary or economic laws, but seeks to contravene such immutable laws that have existed since the beginning of what could be considered monetary and commercial trade.

Of course, for such a system to work; real asset money must be removed from circulation, the process in this country took decades to plan and achieve. In conjunction with this gradual withdrawal of real money, the government had to enforce the use of fiat money through legal tender laws and taxation making the fiat dollar the official and only accepted currency in the land. The government, no longer obliged to honor its duty and oath to the people eventually struck from the currency all words that gave indication that even the paper money they insisted upon held any value: “The United States will pay the bearer upon demand”. There is no promise in this country's fiat currency, no hope of redemption for the note's face value because it has no value, either on its face or behind its facade as a note obligation. It is a charade wrapped within a charade, all mandated by law. The United States Dollar promises nothing beyond the paper itself, no future obligation of payment; it is, in essence, an IOU for nothing in return for the note obligation; a legal notification of a debt that can never be repaid.

Initially, it costs next to nothing to make fiat money; it can be made in any quantity to suit the needs and ends of those who control its flow. What wealth is built upon such a system? Endless wealth based upon inflationary debt creation and maintenance; yet there is a high price to pay when the fiat system reaches the end of its debt life-cycle when  the system defies itself and caves in upon itself due to the over-burden of inflated debt upon which it was created and upon which the economy depends.

You see, in such an economy the government, corporations and even the people must live beyond their means. They must continually depend on a line of credit for such a system to remain viable otherwise the fiat economy will begin to crumbleit is indeed a paradox, for on one side the massive burden of inflated debt pressures the economy from beneath and on the other side the necessity for more credit place more demands on the system and its ability to grow. The massive inflated debt burden demands more and more from the profitability of the economy and thus the ability to extend credit becomes constricted to the point that it is more difficult for everyone to live beyond their means, including the government. Such systems, burdened with debt eventually force the hand of government, which has no other choice but to continue to inflate to the point that hyperinflationary destruction takes place.

So, this government has stamped its official seal upon pieces of paper and we have always been assured that we can rest in the knowledge that when the government backs something, like our fiat money, that it stands on the full faith of the government and is based upon the whole wealth of the country, but what if the wealth of the country consist of more debt obligations than actual value? What if the full faith of the government of the United States has been placed in a compromised position by the very debt it created in order to function? What if the debt service demand outstrips the ability of this country or this government to fulfill its obligations, both to itself and to others, including its people?

We have been conditioned not to think in such terms, we have been fed and feasted upon a seemingly endless diet of pabulum for so long that it is much easier to believe the so-called “experts” and yet when reality strikes will we still continue to consume the slop they try to feed us?

So, today we have the Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz still hiding behind the curtain, he is actually so afraid to show himself because once he does his gig is up! The Great and Terrible Wizard has given us money that amounts to little more than wampum beads passing as money in this country, a government that lost control a few decades ago and a central bank filled with some of the most mechanical minds that they cannot see past their own regurgitated ideas. Keep us in cash is the cry over the land, easy credit and easy money spit out on demand for any and all contingencies without regard to the consequences of such actions, but like the old Fram Oil Filter commercial”you can pay me now or pay me later” either way the piper will soon demand payment and there will none to be found in the coffers which have been bled dry by the imbeciles in Washington and those in the FED.

The fiat monetary system and the central banking mentality that promotes it should be shameful of such absurdities, but I suppose when you are so caught up in your own illusionary tricks that you believe it to be a realistic and viable system of monetary medium it is hard to break free from that mind-set. Those who hold such views can't see past their childish misconceptions, but when the tribunal of economic reality strikes hard against the fiat monetary system, as it always does, the judgment will be pronounced in social unrest, economic distress and potential chaos; then their childish misconceptions will be stripped away and their crimes exposed.

They have committed larceny through the inflationary taxation of a fiat monetary system; for they have taken the hard-earned wealth of the people by means of this fiat scheme and used it for their own financial and political purposes. On top of this, the government then requires that we pay it taxes for its benefit; how amazingly compliant this American People have become over the years!

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