Bailout: Another Iraq War

Once again the politicians are trying to push through a disastrous plan on fear mongering.  President Bush is warning Congress that they had better hand over an unprecedented amount of power to the Executive Branch or there will be catastrophic consequences.  Given the dire state of the economy after his reign, and the fact that he led us into war with the wrong country, it's ludicrous that he would think anyone would listen to him now.

What are the brave Republicans in Congress doing?  Except for too few men like Ron Paul, it looks like they are backing Bush.  What are the Democrats doing?  They want not only a bailout, but tens of billions more dollars for another absurd round of stimulus checks.  This bailout is going to make the Iraq War look like a bargain.

Most of the major U.S. news outlets are telling us how essential the bailout is to return stability to the markets.  But major foreign news outlets, like The Economist, and the majority of small news outlets, like this humble website, are vehemently against it.  Cui bono?  Obviously, large U.S. corporations bono, that's cui.

Have we learned anything from history?  The Great Depression resulted from the Federal Reserve manipulating the money supply and from the government trying to stop needed corrections in the market.  Great Depression?  You ain't seen nothin' yet!

America listened to Bush once out of fear.  The result is that the United States has lost virtually everything: we've spent our wealth and our descendents' wealth, we've spent our military, we've hocked our moral authority, and, most tragically, we've lost our freedoms.  We've followed Bush once out of fear with disastrous consequences.  Can the people of the United States — the citizens of “the home of the brave” — muster enough courage to stop our corporate-owned politicians from selling the last remnants of this nation?

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