John Edwards’ Sex Life Is His Business

John Edwards, in one of his insipid and now infamous “webisodes” shot by neophyte “videographer”, Rielle Hunter — i.e. a two bit extra actress, New Age healer and babbler about good and bad energy ( including announcing that Elizabeth Edwards has “bad energy” which, golly gee whiz, dying of a terminal disease especially when you have two little ones still at home might produce in your psyche) — dithers on smiling, no , mugging with an ever-so-aren't-I-the-most-darling-cute-man-thang expression.

He's not a “Ken doll” he says, smirking. Oh, no. He's real.

Real what?

Well, now we know some of what he is and it is far closer to the facade of a Ken doll than a leader.

Sure, people fall in love and lust and have stupid judgment when faced with the opportunity to get their hormones pumped on the road. And Rielle Hunter, real name Lisa Druck, rhymes with, well, you know, had announced to friends and acquaintances for some time she was using “good energy” and “chants” to bag a rich, famous husband. And then there are the “friends” mouthing off about how she spotted Edwards in a bar, introduced herself and was soon, that night, in bed with him offering some little on-the-road R and R.

I would guess John boy doesn't have an open marriage but maybe he does. I don't know. He may have done this sort of thing many times. I don't know. It's none of my business.

But you know what is? The fact that he went after Bill “I like to do unusual things with cigars and interns in the Oval Office” Clinton, with such gusto, espousing such indignation at the “breathless” immorality of the former president.

And during this last campaign, oh, how John went on about returning to MORALS.

Come on, dears, doesn't lying come under the heading of immorality? What about being a gazillionaire lawyer and using your connections and convoluted political and biz trails to provide your lover with all sorts of mula, houses, a private jet and more?

And what about the unusually big whopper, as transparent as a stripper's Lucite heels, that he's not the father of Rielle's, I mean Lisa's, baby who looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM. He “never loved her” but just wanted to pop in and see her baby at 2:30 a.m. recently, even though it's not his.

How STUPID does he think we are? And this is a man who was “one of us”? Who came up the “hard way” and wanted to share his deep faith and moral sense and lead us?

Unfortunately, this is the kind of BS we have come to accept from US politicians. It is all fluff, jingos, and self-serving lies. It's  a facade worthy of, come to think of it, a Ken doll. And we had to endure the by-the-recipe comment about how “his lord” has forgiven him. Instant salvation. Christianity to the rescue.

Of course, there are those of us who have a sneaky suspicion there IS something to good ol' Karma  — and, like me, she can be a b*tch.

Sure, I'm sorry Elizabeth Edwards has to go through this crappola, too. But hopefully she, or Lisa, a.k.a. Rielle ( by the way, the daughter of a famed con man who came up with a scheme to electrocute race horses for money.. but I digress) may stand up to him and say the truth is worth something. And they will speak it if he won't. The baby deserves it. And so do the suckers that contributed to yet another lying politician's campaign.

But I do want to give John Edwards a pat on the back for calling himself a narcissist. I think he finally was straight about something. Only, if you do your homework John, you'll find narcissism is a psychiatric condition that is rarely “curable”… maybe even less so than metastatic cancer.

And the best thing anyone can do for a narcissist ( are you listening Elizabeth? Rielle? ) is to say, no, you are wrong, you are not god, you are not the best, cutest, smartest. I won't cover your ass any more for you. You are a lying abuser. And we won't take it any more.

So, John, either 'fess up about your babymomma and your money scams to support your lover or shut the f-word ( rhymes with “Druck”) up.

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