The Libertarian Party Needs to Unite

“The enemy is not here! The enemy is out there! The enemy is not our fellow Libertarians!” – George Phillies (LP National Convention May 25, 2008)

It took six ballots, but Bob Barr became the Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. His nomination left a bitter taste in the mouths of Mary Ruwart and Steve Kubby supporters. Some, like Christine Smith, left the party in disgust.

Bob Barr does not have a libertarian past worth boasting about. He is the nominee, however; and if the Libertarian Party is going to get more candidates in office, then we are going to have to show an united front.

The Libertarian Party needs Bob Barr to sound more libertarian and less conservative. Bob Barr is going to have to do some campaigning with downticket candidates to show unity within the party.

Those who are not happy with Barr as the nominee have to realize that he does bring some good credentials to the Libertarian Party. He has served in Congress and he has name recognition. He says he has changed his ways and has become more libertarian in his beliefs. People make mistakes and learning from them is part of the maturation process,

A large portion of the Libertarian Party message is mainstream and the party should emphasize the portions that most Americans can relate to while we have the opportunity to make our case to a larger audience than the Libertarian Party is used to.

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