Billionaires for the Ron Paul Revolution (PART 6/6)

Dear Bob Barr,

As I write to you from a towering skyscraper overlooking the bustling metropolis of Shanghai on a sunny day with blue skies, with thousands upon thousands of AC units whirring, I can’t help but remember the words of Jim Rogers from last year.

“If Ron Paul gets anywhere near the nomination, I would certainly support him. He is the only one that I’ve seen in American politics that seems to have a clue as to what’s going in the world.”

Listen to this. Mr. Rogers in 2007 predicting $150-200 oil in 2008, the current recession, he announced he was short on Citibank and other financials, and it is no secret he has been investing in commodities for years, which are skyrocketing. Jim Rogers made his fortune with George Soros by starting the Quantum Fund. In short, this Jim Rogers from Alabama is one Smart Dude when it comes to money. His favorite quote “If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia.” Why’s that?

Listen to this. Peter Schiff, an advisor to Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, predicts a major crash of the world’s Reserve Currency, the American Dollar, due to Devaluing of our national currency (Inflation), our National Debt, our Trading Deficit/Debt, and our Private Debt. Schiff’s book Crash Proof makes it simple for Americans to understand how to defend their Wealth, and why Asia will Rise. Or don’t read it, I honestly don’t care. However, Ron Paul did not say “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and our wealth are in jeopardy” without a good reason. Bob, even though your views are closer to mine than McClinama, I heartily object to you omitting all mention of Monetary Policy – Honest Money – on your presidential website.

Axel Merk, manager of the Merk Hard Currency Fund, a mutual fund that invests in more solid currencies such as the Euro, Swiss Franc, Canadian dollar, and Gold had this to say about Dr. Paul in 2007. [I] “highly respect his no-nonsense approach to fiscal and monetary policy issues. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the fiscal views of Congressman Ron Paul. He is living proof that it is possible to be a fiscally conservative politician with integrity.” Axel Merk is another who thinks he knows where the American dollar is going – down, and where the Asian currencies and Euro are going – up.

Watch “Day of the Dollar” – the classic movie made by those crazy Dutch Freedom-Lovers from the Other Side of the Pond, VPRO International. When you figure out that predicted dollar movement portrayed in the movie actually DID happen over the last 3 years, and that the dynamics were just different since it took place over years instead of a single day, you might get a bit worried. Bob, I understand you may need to do lots more research before your ignorance is fully dissolved, please keep reading. You need to discover for yourself that the Root of Evil is the policies of the Federal Reserve – again, their motto: ‘We are about as Federal as FedEx.’ First, some current events, because times are a’changin’. Fast.

In May, an Asian team of (where most currencies are still pegged to the dollar) 13 countries headed by Japan, China, and South Korea kicked off their own Asian version of the International Monetary Fund. The 80 billion dollars fund will help Protect their Economies when the financial crisis hits. Our Fed’s only resort will just be printing money, as its other tools – reserves have been depleted by Bear Stearns to prop up the Dow (and benefit JP Morgan Chase, remember those guys – the Corporate and Property Raiders from the Great Depression? They’rrrrrre baaaack, although actually they've never stopped sucking blood from America's carotid artery, the economy.) and low interest rates to give liquidity and prop up the Dow and Housing Markets both. If you don’t know what the terms stagflation and hyperinflation mean, I suggest finding out before they occur next month or in the next few years.

In June, the USA ‘gave permission’ (yeah right!) to Persian Gulf nations to remove themselves from their Dollar pegs to currency baskets (like China did several years ago). Forget about the fact that every time you pump gas from the Middle East you are (in a way) ‘justifying’ the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq for a moment. This is major news. Oil and Gold are both priced in American Dollars, the World’s Reserve Currency. This is basically tantamount to the Middle East saying that they are tired of the dollar depreciating as well, and want to decouple their currencies from Oil and the Dollar. The article predicts a rise of 5% by the end of the year in several Gulf currencies. After China, after the Middle East, the rest of Asia will eventually follow, and the fallout for those holding Dollars will be hard and heavy.

Who holds Dollars? Well, everyone. But the hardest hit, besides the USA, I guess would be China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and European investors. What are they doing? China is publicly talking about protecting their $1.6 Trillion foreign currency reserve by creating a new international currency, sort of a Bretton Woods II.

And others claim this Third World country could release an Atomic Bomb on the American Economy, but will do its very best to avoid it. Why? Same reason the Cold War never went Nuclear – MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction. Interesting China is now searching for an escape route, eh?

So rid yourself of the preconception that your Wealth is calculated by how many Dollars you have (and that your home is worth as much as you think it is). Real Monetary Wealth has and always will be determined by your Purchasing Power, in other words, how much you can Buy.

So rid yourself of the preconception that Inflation must always be a Fact of Life. It is Not — if you have Hard, Honest Money. A different World would actually have your Savings (or Purchasing Power) INCREASE over time. The simple reasoning is that as economies become more efficient, goods can be made cheaper and cheaper. You can still sense this innate Truth, just look at the Price of the exact same Computer made 5 years ago versus its Price Today. Alas, it's my belief Americans will soon wish the same could be said of Clothes and Food. The World without Inflation doesn’t exist yet, but its name is Austrian Economics.

So what does Ron Paul say? Read or listen to what Ron Paul thinks the Price of Gold is telling us. So you may (or may not, if so I challenge you to post evidence to the contrary below) conclude from all of this that its high time to buy Gold or Silver or just buy Stuff you will need later on since its just going to get more or more expensive.

So We the People should Buy Gold? Patience, Bob, just keep reading, sorry this is taking a while. Probably the experts on this matter are the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). They claim the whole Gold Market is rigged, watch this. They claim the American Central Bank Bloc has been selling all its Gold to suppress the Gold price and keep the Dollar strong, their proof is articulated best here. For GATA’s best analysis of what the future will bring, they studied history (amazing!) read this. And before I forget, before investing try, and listen to what they have to offer.

OK, well if Gold is Rigged, let’s buy Silver! Well, caution, Bob, caution. Its unfortunate, but it appears ‘they’ already thought of that. The supply of American Silver Eagles, mandated by Law to be made available to We the People “in sufficient quantities to meet public demand” are illegally being rationed. Read this, or just try to buy some, each is only about $20 each. I think you will agree the rationing is real. And the monetary premium, market dynamics, and supply situation of Silver is different – possibly not worse, just different from Gold.

And be wary of one of the easiest ways to buy Gold and Silver, via GLD and SLV. GATA and claim that these are just tools of the Bankers to help control the market. It is true its just paper Gold and paper Silver – after reading the Legalese I am pretty sure you can’t ever take actual possession of it. And I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the owners are the same dudes who prospered during the Great Depression (cough, JP Morgan Chase, cough) And the IRS will skim 28% Capital Gains off any sales transaction. (And they didn’t even have to read all this!)

So what CAN We the People do? Honestly, I may be the last person who wants to tell you what to do with your money, since #1) I don’t care what you do, its your money, not mine and #2) I have no right to do so, it’s a private matter for you and your family. But I feel I shouldn’t write that the Sky is Falling to my fellow Americans without offering a few suggestions for you to investigate. Again, let me stress, MAKE UP YOUR OWN DAMN MIND.

  1. Before doing anything, read Peter Schiff’s Crash Proof. Best source I’ve found, it’s a few years old, but what’s so interesting about it is that his first predictions have all come true, so it makes his guesses on the future more valid.  (9/27/08 note – however, Peter has been proven wrong on several key points – I still recommend his book though)
  2. Get Physical Gold and Silver. Visit a US Mint authorized dealer near you and buy Silver or Gold Eagles. Except they might not have any. In that case, buying ‘Bag Silver’ or pre-1964 silver coins (Halves, Quarters, Dimes) that are 90% silver by mass is your best bet. For the troy ounce (31.1 grams) they will be about the spot price of silver and so will be cheaper than Silver Eagles.  (The easiest way to remember this is that $1 of Face Value = approx 0.725 TOz silver, but its typically sold at 0.715 TOz to account for wear and tear.) Buying Gold or Silver Bar may not be advised due to…. Taxes.
  3. Take a time warp to a world of Honest Money and buy Physical Gold and Silver at This futuristic idea of debit cards backed by physical gold is described in Schiff’s book. The owner is James Turk who is a member of GATA.
  4. If you still haven’t figured it out, get out of the American Stock Market. Invest in International Stocks or more conservatively, try the Merk Hard Currency Fund. If you want to be half-as*ed you can select American Stocks that get most of their dividends from abroad, but again Schiff writes why this is a baaaad idea.  (9/27/08 update I retract this advice, but it does not mean its necessarily a bad idea.  Investigate for yourself)
  5. Buy Gold or Silver Mining Stocks. I side with Mr. Schiff here with staying away from American Mining companies due to the Dollar, stocks are risky enough. I know little about Silver Mining, but Canadian Gold Mining Stocks you can take a look at GoldCorp GG, IAM Gold IAG (GATA supporter so watch out! Its like writing having a ‘Kick Me’ sign on its back), Agnico-Eagle AEM, El Dorado, and Yamaha AUY. South Africa is riskier. Barrick Gold appears to be the Darth Vader or Ben Bernanke of gold mining companies, so stay away. Most trade on the NYSE but read their Annual Reports, presentations, and find out each company’s view on currency since some hedge. There’s plenty of literature on the gold mining industry out there to educate yourself.
  6. Don’t have much money? Well if you don’t have $400 to buy a roll of 20 Silver Eagles, that’s not good, but buy a full tank of gas (don’t buy barrels, they will go bad real quick from the ethanol), bags of rice, toothpaste, nonperishables, whatever. If I am right, its only going to get more expensive.
  7. Or each time you visit the bank, cash out your government-allotted maximum of $100 worth of Nickels. Why? Read Part 4/6 below.
  8. My father would want me to add here that, while you are at it, Buy a Gun. I think you can figure out why.

A closing analogy of how discovering Gold and Silver was for me – It was like realizing that Dorothy wasn't wearing Red Slippers and Walking on the Yellow Brick Road to go see the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City. I had thought Baum was sniffing too many poppies.

Dorothy really wore Silver Slippers and walked on a Road of Gold Bricks to see the Man Behind the Curtain (Benny Bernanke is his face these days) in the City of Greenbacks. The change to Red was apparently to make it look better on Tecnicolor or something. Don't believe me? Read the book here.

I dare to suggest that from reading my chain of letters, or from doing your own research, the whole Big Picture as I see it will fall into view – the Debt of our Nation, the Military Empire, the Wars on Something-or-the-Other, the Loss of Economic and Personal Freedoms. What first appears as utterly separate is all hideously interlinked. This is why when I hear the phrases “Strong Dollar,” “Service Economy,” and that the World revolves due to “the American Consumer” I just want to vomit.

So Bob, this is why I feel Monetary Policy is Important. Our Futures are at stake here. This is why I scoff at your campaign as at Best a Half-Baked Attempt at Liberty, at Worst an Attempt to Derail the Ron Paul Revolution.

Please add MONETARY POLICY TO YOUR WEBSITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS JUST LIKE THIS. Honest Money – Gold and Silver – brings Discipline to Governments and this Discipline will keep us further away from more Wars. Which reminds me…



Lastly Bob, I like you. Why? You may be the first authoritarian NeoCon to crossover the line and join the Revolution. Although I think you are a lousy candidate for President due to your past record, I respect your right to run. And it may end up that you become The Alternative Choice (aka the None of the Above Choice) in this Election. However, I think Congress would be a great spot for you to prove your worth.

Well, try to win anyways, your views are closer to mine than that of McClintama. Think of my three Suggestions as a way of Differentiating yourself. In most modern dual-party American Elections, it seems the best way to win is to cut off from your opponent as much of the Center as you can. That is why the war-mongering McCain arguably has a better shot. Think of it like this, the Dems put up their Coffee-Bean-and-Tea-Leaf shop close to the center of a city block. Then the Reps (McCain?) put up their Starbucks right next door, but closer to the Center of the (voting) Block. As the coffee is more or less the same (would you like a little or a lot hot Iraqi blood with your Latte, sir?) the Reps will get more Customers.

However, setting up shop close to the Center isn’t going to work best for you. No way, sir. You don’t have the name recognition and the best you will be is an itsy-bitsy McCain-Siphon. You will certainly lose. It’s best to set up one Shop a few buildings away from Starbucks, and another Shop on the other side, a few buildings away from the Coffee-Bean-and-Tea-Leaf, and try to sell your wares – Honest Money, Liberty, No Wars. You can call your shops….

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! Sincerely,

Jake, the Champion of the Constitution

I dedicate this article in loving memory both of my Grandfathers who fought to save America from the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan. One Grandfather landed in Europe following the Normandy Landing and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  This article is also for the many Soldiers who Died on this Day, 64 years ago, D-Day. This article is for those Soldiers too. I will not forget your sacrifice. I won't stop until this fight is over either.

PS. I apologize I won’t be able to return emails or comments immediately as I am off to some pretty isolated locales for a long vacation. However, I will return any email that is sent, particularly if anyone needs anything or has questions. I will always have the freedom to express or at least think my thoughts, and I want you to know that you have a friend in me whom you have never met who will defend your right to do so as well. That includes when we don’t agree, aka Voltaire’s ‘I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.’ Both criticism and support of my writings is very, very welcome. If you don't agree with me, try to educate me instead. Peace.

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