RPR: A Call to Arms for Ron Paul Supporters!

Hello Freedomphiles! I got a message from Hawaiian Congressional candidate and Hawaii Assistant State Coordinator for Paul08 Daniel Brackins (who I interviewed in The Freedom Files) about some shenanigans being pulled by the Hawaii State GOP.

It seems that they are doing their best to marginalize Ron Paul and disenfranchise his supporters. Perhaps his 16% finish in Pennsylvania buckled their knees a litte?

Ron Paul says thanks, by the way:

[link edited for length]

Anyway, so the Hawaii GOP started first by removing Ron Paul from its website, listing McCain as the nominee already, even though they haven't yet chosen their nominee. They do this at a Caucus on May 16th.

Now the delegates to the caucus are chosen locally to be sent to the Hawaii State Republican Convention. They are independent and free to vote for whomever they choose in the National Convention, as long as that person is in the race:

Except by their own commitments, National Delegates and Alternates shall not be required to support any particular candidate for the Republican nomination for President or Vice President. Candidates for delegate or alternate to the National Convention may run committed to a particular candidate for the Republican nomination for President or Vice President. Provided the candidate the delegate or alternate is supporting has not withdrawn prior to the first ballot at the National Convention, the commitment to that candidate shall be binding, but only through the first ballot.

But before they get to the National Convention, they have to go to the Hawaii Convention, and they can't vote for someone who has withdrawn from the race. So, why are they telling people that Ron Paul is not in the race?

But its more than the website. They are making an end-run around Paul supporters by actually calling the delegates to the State Convention and lying to them, trying to subvert democracy by telling them that McCain is the only one in the race.

Brackins asks that if you can find the time, help him fight this disinformation propaganda campaign by calling some of the delegates yourself and letting them know they've been lied to. Here is a list of the delegates.

He also reccommends you email Willis Lee, the chairman of the Hawaii State GOP, and tell him to put Ron Paul back on the website.

First, they disenfranchise the MO Ron Paul delegates, now this.

Look, whether you're a Ron Paul supporter or not, you should support this effort in the name of fair and open elections. No matter how much of a chance you think he has in the presidential race, he's still in the race, and the GOP should not be playing these dirty games. This is about the principles of representative government and honest elections.

This is about what's right.

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