Rush Limbaugh: America’s Neo-Con Anchorman

Years ago, as Newt Gingrich rose through the ranks to challenge the status quo and one of it's leading water carriers, he referred to Bob Dole as the “Tax Collector for the welfare state.”

Today, Rush Limbaugh gloats about “Operation Chaos” as he gives daily reports from behind his golden EIB microphone.  Operation Chaos is Rush's way of carrying water for the neo-cons, while insulating himself from the charge of water carrier, by pointing out what conservatives already dislike about the loose cannon, John McCain.  Rush can have it both ways by helping his neo-con buddies get their guy in the Whitehouse, meanwhile, he gets to make fun of McCain and maintain his street cred with his listeners.  So, the neo-cons get what they want, but conservatives don't, no thanks to Rush.

When Newt characterized Dole as succinctly as he did all those years ago, he struck a chord with the rank and file, frustrated with Republican leaderships' cowardice in fighting liberalism.

Today, we have a leading conservative figgur (as Rush pronounces figure) who makes a fabulous living telling his audience, allegedly tongue-in-cheek, what to think; that what he says is right and he loves hearing himself say it; that he knows liberals like he knows every square inch of his glorious naked body; that he is America's anchorman, etc. Admittedly, Rush is good at what he does and is the best neo-con talk show host there is.

While Rush is happy to insert himself in the Democrat primary process, he, unfortunately, didn't have the onions to pick a candidate when it might've made a difference in the Republican primary.  He said he didn't want to tell his listeners who to vote for.  In the days leading up to Super Tuesday, his listeners called nearly every day begging him to reveal whom he favored.  Finally, they gave up on trying to get him to endorse anyone and asked him to lead a discussion about the conservative qualities of each of the candidates to help the Republican party coalesce behind a conservative candidate, since there were so many candidates masquerading as conservatives.  Rush just couldn't bring himself to share such a personal opinion with his audience. 

It doesn't require a leap of faith to recognize that had Rush endorsed a Republican candidate during the primary process, that candidate would likely be the nominee today.  Republican voters are in chaos and looking for someone to bring order.  Afterall, look at how many have taken the time to change their party affiliation and obediently enter into enemy territory to vote to keep Hillary's primary campaign alive.  Though the media does not want to give Limbaugh credit for Operation Chaos, one county in Ohio alone estimates 16,000 Republicans crossed over.  It is certainly reasonable to assume that had Rush picked a conservative to rally around, we would've seen a Republican rally like we haven't seen since Dan's Bake Sale. Admittedly, the Republican field was shallow, but it did have one authentic conservative. 

For the last seven years, we've heard Rush “explain” the incomprehensible actions of George W. Bush.  From Bush's “compassionate conservative” socialist spending; to signing McCain/Feingold; expanding the Department of Education; to nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court; creating a new drug entitlement that no one really wanted; to his stubborn refusal to fulfill his constitutional mandate to enforce our borders, to highlight a few.  Fortunately, for Rush, Democrats were able to provide the neo-con anchorman with enough fodder that he didn't have to dedicate his show to shilling for the Bush administation for all three hours, everyday. 

During the Republican primary process, occasionally, a listener would get past call screener, Bo Snerdly, and put Rush on the spot by trying to understand what Rush's problem was with the most authentic conservative we've seen since Ronald Reagan.  Obviously, Rush could not endorse Paul for his opposition to the unconstitutional war, but what about the rest of Paul's conservative record?   Rush took the easy way out and dismissed Ron Paul right before going off the air the Friday before Big Tuesday, with a lie, “Ron Paul is not a conservative.”   No explanation, no reasoning, just a drive by attack on Ron Paul's record of constitutional conservatism before going off air for the weekend. 

Certainly, we can understand the difficult position Rush was in.  On the one hand, he mustn't upset the neo-cons by endorsing an authentic conservative who challenges the interventionism of the globalist conjurors of chaos; who WILL roll back the socialism most Americans have accepted; who reminds us of the unconstitutionality of the private publishing company – the Federal Reserve that is pumping paper dollars into the economy faster than OPEC can pump oil out of the ground.  On the other hand, endorsing any of the other neo-con candidates would be a hard sale for even Rush to make to his listeners.

Rush never questions the unconstitutional delegation of war declaration authority of congress to the president?  It would be like the congress delegating the appropriations process to the president by saying, “We authorize you to spend a trillion dollars on the country's needs – spend wisely.” Or, inspite of his lack of faith in government, Rush never questions our government's intervention in the management of other governments.  Has Rush ever criticized the unconstitutional nature of a private bank running our economy by printing paper and calling it money?  While Rush has been critical of W for increasing the scope and size of government and refusing to enforce our borders, when a candidate comes along who has established bona fides as an authentic conservative on these matters, Rush dismisses him as, “…not a conservative.”  So, while Rush mimics insane McCain, it is Rush’s Operation Chaos that will get him elected president.  Then, when President McCain colludes with Democrats to sign onto Kyoto, pass greenhouse gas taxes, grant amnesty and open our borders, Rush can tell his audience, “I never said McCain was a conservative…I only wanted our party to win.”

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