The Untold Story of The Ron Paul Blimp 1-1/2

After only two hours of being published on the Nolan Chart, Part I of the Ron Paul Blimp story was posted on the Daily Paul web-site (I just found out the post was flagged here is a new one). The post caused a fire-storm of debate and all out fighting, which included some pretty vicious name calling. One member of the forum even claims they have reported a breach of the Nolan Chart LLC Terms of Service to site administration.

Although reading through all three pages of the thread is a major headache, a few clarifying points were made by Jerry Collette and Linda Hunnicutt publicly declared her comments were valid and that she in no way retracts them. One comment, which is very hard to argue with, was made by someone named Mike who left a comment on the Nolan Chart.

“I understand that the money is spent. We had a pretty good run with it. IT was a great endeavor! Now, let's just let the dust settle and move on to other things.” Mike writes, “Let it go. Let's move on. We have politicians to defeat and causes to further.”

So……..why did this story even need to be written? Why can't we “just let the dust settle and move on”? Why should the grassroots or the Freedom Movement even care?

The Freedom Movement spent nearly $600,000 on the blimp. They should know what happened to their money. What's more, Trevor Lyman is now asking for the same people to make him and Rick Williams instant millionaires in an attempt to “Break the Matrix”, Jerry Collette is asking for people to support his newly formed Libertarian Legal without many details as to what the company does or how it is structured and Katharine Memole is starting a 501 (c) (4) not-for-profit organization and asking people to donate to her project as well. The grassroots WILL give money to these people again. Where will it go? Who gets rich? Who gets results?

The Ron Paul Mobile Rally Crew was with the blimp during much of it's journey. Here is what they had to say about the project.

“Throughout December 2007, RPMRC had been working 14-20 hours daily, 7 days weekly, on a low budget stipend. Our crew left their jobs, homes family community and friends to support Ron Paul !

We had been recruited by one of the principle owners/agent of the RON PAUL BLIMP. He committed to us modest salaries and Per Diem to travel and rally with the blimp and/or equivalent media activity – the latter of which we were obliged to attempt without support and adequate resources with which to make it effective.

In short, due to power struggles between Trevor Lyman, Elijah Lynn and Jerry Collette, our mission was doomed as Trevor and Elijah refused to support us.

Finally, we were left stranded 680 miles away from home without funding for fuel for the U-Haul and truck carrying our valuable instruments and equipment and horse. Friend/associate, Kevin Innis placed personal money in my personal account for fuel money to get us home.

Not paid our final salaries, I was left to work an additional 3 days, plus shorted 1000k pay.  Two weeks later, Trevor motions to support us cos of contractual agreement, Two weeks too LATE. Meanwhile, I lost my home.”

Ready for some more facts Freedom Movement? I think we need some answers from Lyman…..NOW! Things are starting to look pretty ugly!

“Dear Google Account holder: We've received a request to change the email address associated with your Google Account from: to:” – December 9, 2007.

“I did not initiate this! Please freeze the account ASAP!!!!” – Jerry Collette writing to Google, December 9, 2007

“If you agree to this and do not freeze the Google account then we agree to forfeit our shares of Liberty Political Advertising, LLC. Once the money has been transferred to AMS we will return control of the Google Checkout Account to your possession.” – Elijah Lynn writing to Collette on December 10 2007.

Most of the people directly involved with the project agree, this is the point where all trust was lost between the principles of Liberty Political Advertising. When Lyman moved the money, Collette called foul and tried to freeze the company account. Lyman and Lynn walked away from the blimp company and gave full ownership and control to Collette.

Lyman then started using assets collected by Liberty Political Advertising to start his own blimp company. A few of the assets misappropriated by Lyman at that time were: The Ron Paul Blimp domain, The SSL certificate , the Liberty Political Advertising legal team and the Project Manager for the Ron Paul Blimp.

“They (Lyman and Lynn) announced that they were doing their own blimp advertising company. They were doing this tortuously interfering with the company's contracts.” said Collette. “Also, if they intended to do this all along, when they did the termination agreement, it was fraud in the inducement.”

On December 18, 2007 Trevor Lyman wrote: “What we intend to do is comply with our written and signed agreement. We'll give you a link as agreed and a link to an explanation of what has happened as agreed. We'll give up control of the blimp as agreed. We'll give you any money we have earned as of this morning at 12:01am and stop using the SSL cert. At this point we intend to start our own blimp advertising business using the domain”

Lyman promised to give Collette access to company transaction records and data-base. Another promise broken…….

“I have been asking for almost two weeks now to see our transaction records of purchases. Why have they not been provided? Nobody has even been willing to tell me what fields we have and what format they are in. Is somebody hiding something?

What about the PayPal account? Where is that money. Has Trevor or anybody else sent any company sales receipt money anywhere else?” – Collette in an email to: James Fosbinder, Trevor Lyman, Elijah Lynn , Joe Amidon and Katharine Memole on January 28, 2007.

Katharine Memole, Project Manager for the Blimp, confirmed the fact that the Ron Paul Blimp project is completely paid for. She and Collette also said the blimp will not fly again. For some reason however, the Ron Paul Blimp website, which is owned by Lyman, is asking for donations to pay off the last of the airship bills and to fund a future trip.

Collette said the main reason he decided to go public with the blimp story was to keep the uninformed people who might support Lyman's new project from investing money without having the facts. Lyman was/is starting Basic Media Inc. along with attorney Rick Williams. Basic Media Inc. would be an alternative media source targeting main-stream advertisers.

Last week was a site announcing plans by Lyman and Williams to start a media outlet for promoting the cause of freedom. Today all information, updates and other content is gone. In it's place is one sentence telling visitors to check back on the new social networking site that will be launched within a few days.

“We are forming a grassroots organization and movement that will carry the words and values of freedom off the Internet and out to those millions of Americans who only receive their news and entertainment from mainstream radio and television.” – last week

“Our new social network will be unveiled in a matter of days…..stay tuned and check back often.” – today

The company was asking for grassroots investors to buy 500,000 shares (41.67% of the total) for $10 per share at their initial public offering of stock on the Pink Sheets. Thus leaving Lyman and Williams with the remaining 58.33% of company stock initially valued at roughly $7,000,000. In short, Williams and Lyman would have been instant millionaires on paper via grassroots money. That was last week…..I don't know what they're doing this week.

The first update from the Break the Matrix project was posted on the Ron Paul Forums. Read it here >

This quote from the Break the Matrix web-site home page is gone now. I copied it last week and think I should share it with you……since Lyman won't. -“Basic Media, Inc. will be operating as a “for profit” business, and isn't that what it's all about?”-

That's all the dirt I'll throw on this subject…..I'm sick and tired of the he-said, she-said BS. The Ron Paul Blimp was a great thing which proved big ideas can become even bigger realities. Part II will be about the people who made this happen, what they did and how it helped Ron Paul. My obligation to the Freedom Movement is fulfilled……..Break the Matrix at your own risk……

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