Happy Birthday Governor Siegelman

Is It Dangerous to be a Democrat in Alabama?

Last year the MSM finally started asking the question that many of us in Alabama (Democrats as well as Republicans) have been asking for months: is Siegelman in prison for accepting a bribe or for being a Democrat? CBS' 60 Minutes aired a report taking a hard look at this case.

Fifty two former state Attorneys General are pushing congress to investigate. Grant Woods, former Republican Attorney General of Arizona said, “I personally believe that what happened here is that they targeted Don Siegelman because they could not beat him fair and square. This was a Republican state and he was the one Democrat they could never get rid of“.

Where There's Trouble There's… Karl Rove

This all began back in 2000 when Siegelman made an enemy of Karl Rove for supporting Al Gore instead of “fellow governor” G. W. Bush. The Republicans were determined to win the Alabama governorship for their party in 2002 and evidently were willing to do so at any cost. Siegelman himself describes the theft of that election in a candid interview in September of 2004.

Alabama News Censorship?

When the 60 Minutes program was aired it just so happened that WHNT channel 19 in Huntsville had “a technical problem with CBS out of New York”. However, CBS in New York said it was not true and that it was likely an editorial decision at WHNT. Later, WHNT changed their story and said that there was a problem with a receiver at their local station. Many people across Alabama did not get to see 60 Minutes' birthday present to their former governor.

Make a Wish

It looks like this story is really starting to break now, with whistle-blowers suddenly appearing right and left – and it is about time. The treatment of Governor Siegelman has been shameful. When he was convicted he was put in leg-irons, immediately sent to prison and then saddled with a gag order. Even today, 20 months later, he is unable to appeal the conviction because the trial transcript has yet to be released.

It is encouraging to see non-partisan support for investigation into what may have been just another day at the office for Karl Rove.

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