Ron Paul out of the Race?

Do you think it is over for Ron Paul now that Super Tuesday is over? This is an absolute win for Ron Paul. We all always knew that Ron Paul was not going to get enough delegates to steal the nomination. He just needs enough to bring to the convention, which he has. The plan was to make it to a brokered convention, so that the message would get out to all of the republicans. The delegates are in fact uncommitted and many of them may not even know who Ron Paul is.

By having a brokered convention, they will all hear the message, no matter how the media has tried to black him out. The media will have no choice but to show the good doctor and his message as the whole thing will be televised. It will be run by the GOP, not the biased main stream media. This is what we need. Everyone will be watching if there is a brokered convention, Republican and Democrat. Whether the good doctor gets elected or not, the seed of freedom will be planted.

People will start to awaken from their apathy and question the things going on around them. It happened to me, and all it took was hearing Ron Paul speak 1 time. I used to watch Fox News almost exclusively when I was in the Army, and even after I had gotten out. I didn't even notice that the Neocons were hijacking the Republican Party. After hearing Ron Paul speak in length, and agreeing with so much of what he said, I did some more research on him and the Libertarian Party. I realized that I am not only a conservative Republican, I am also a Libertarian. Ronald Reagan once said, “If you analyze it, I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism”. This speaks volumes to all those who think that Mitt Romney is a conservative and it is laughable to think that McCain is. Having said that, I think that no matter which way you lean politically, we all have a little libertarian in us. We are all Americans. This country was founded on the platform Ron Paul is running his campaign on.

We have gotten far away from what our founding fathers intended for us. But know this; the message absolutely does not have to “finish fourth, along with the candidate”. Not if We the People keep fighting. Even if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, the reason it is about the message is because people die, but the message doesn't have to. It is up to all of us to carry on that message. If you truly believe in the words that Dr Paul speaks about freedom and liberty, then the message can never “finish fourth”.

This is called the Ron Paul Revolution. Even if Ron Paul isn't elected, and the status quo continues, then it is still a revolution. I am not saying that people need to arm themselves, but that We the People must rise up and be heard. Let the powers that be know that we will not give up our freedoms anymore. We need to be organized, and that is what this campaign has already started. The meet-ups. The forums. The blogs. The websites. It is already there. This is the framework for our revolution. There are many things we can do to continue the fight.

Don't Give Up!

Stand proudly behind the Freedom Fighter Dr. Ron Paul.

This was my first article. Please feel free to comment with any feedback, whether it be negative or positive. Thank you for reading.

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