What is a Statist?

Politicians are all the same. They promise reforms then reform their promises. ~ Leonid S. Sukhorukov

Upon the Nolan Chart are four points. They are, of course, Liberal and Conservative, Libertarian and Statist.

The four points are endpoints on axes of what one might call good government. One is a moralistic and attitude balance, the other is a behavorial and organizational balance.

We all know the other three points on the compass, and their tired, jingoistic tunes. But what is Statism?

The bluntest definition would be?”belief in the importance of the power of the state over an individual”. But this would be not entirely accurate.

A better definition:

A person who believes that the power of the unified state is needed to correct the failings of human greed, ignorance, tribalism, for the furtherance of the nation?as a whole, regardless of constraint. The good of all is more valuable than the desires of any one individual.

There are many people who find that idea horrifying. They proclaim loudly that our country was founded on the principles of freedom, democracy, indepdance, justice, blah blah blah.

Please, get your facts straight. This country was founded on the mailed fist of governmental power. It was founded on the imperialistic designs of a group of people fed up that they were being oppressed, and so they came here, drove the inhabitants off their land, cheated them, revolted against their government, nearly lost until they decided to unify and fight together, and could only be called a country when the ridiculous Articles of Confederation were laid aside and a true federal central government was constructed.

Spare me the sanctimonous whimpering about the noble proclamations of people such as Jefferson or Franklin. The country was founded on taking the land from the natives, on slavery, on the rich landowner running the show, on “freedom” as a byword to operating however you pleased as long as you had the power to buy someone. Politics in this country for years was bought and sold. The Civil War was about the tarrifs and profits to be lost with the end of slave labor, not out of any pious concern for the well being of the black people who's lives were destroyed. The annihalation of the American Indian nations, the cruel mistreatment of Chinese and Korean workers in assembling the trans-national rail lines, the insipidly blatant land grabs conducted during the Mexican American war for no better reason than to support slavery… must I go on, I haven't even gotten to the 20th century yet.

You are in a Statist land. High-sounding proclaimations aside, the power of the United States does not lie in it's freedom of the press, or it's freedom of religion, or it's right to bear arms and form militias. It does not lie in misty historical documents we attempt to make fit entirely unprecidented situations.

It lies in the unified might of a nation that was built by conquest and war, made powerful by conquest and war, who became a superpower by conquest and war, who spends most of it's money on conquest and war, who leads the world in military technology, and who will only continue to be relevant if those terms are kept.

A statist merely acceds to reality rather than trying to draw some sort of noble veil over what we are. What perctange of the population votes? Do they care? What percentage of the people can even name all ten amendments to the Consitution that form the Bill of Rights?

Statism does not pretend that the power of the federal state should be suborinate to the tiny chunks that comprise it. The reality of our nation is that we are powerful because of the centrality of the government.

You don't have a right to privacy. I can find out your information, where you work, your social security number, and all other kinds of information whenever I like. If you magically made the internet go away, I could still spy on your house with a dozen devices that could pick your conversations up from the vibration in your windows, track your earnings through bank transactions, or worse. Only a state where such things are tightly regulated and controlled can stop that.

A right to bear arms? What good does it do you? The purpose of the amendment was to keep your weapons so you could FORM A MILITIA, not to defend against criminals. If we had a truly stronger government and a national police force with increased power, the criminals would be GONE — and without any worry about criminals getting their hands on weapons, who would care about your guns? No one.

A right to free speech? Have you LOOKED at the media recently? This is what you plan to die for, so Paris Hilton can take up the news? So we can hear the hatespeech of racists, or *shudder* watch Tom Cruise talk about Scientology? The idea behind it — not having to watch what you say — is fine. What about when your free speech is bad for the nation? What about when we have traitors supporting Iran, saying it's their constitutional right?

There are so , so many things wrong with the whole political landscape aside from Statism I don't know where to begin. To claim anything besdie a strong national government — MANY times stronger than the one we have now — is bad is , to a statist, denying reality.

A statist belives the central power of government to regulate everything compensates for your losses. We have all these liberties — and they are abused. They lead to problems, they lead to crime, they lead to hate and division.

A statist sees a goverment that has no fear of terrorists because it can track every single person in the country real time. I don't *care* if the government knows what I do. If you do , you are living in the past.

A statist sees a government that has no fear of recessionon because it allows free markets but supported with the full power and revenue of the government, who can create work for all the unemployed., that can absolutely stabilize the money markets and create value. (Ideally, a government would be able to leverage public monies on other world stock markets and investments with a return.)

A statist sees the nation free of racist, sexist, religionist thought by simply giving such things no legal outlet. If you allow such ideas freedom of expression, they will never die.

A statist sees only one firm boundary — the home. A statist thinks everything else should be the responsability of the state. What you do in the privacy of your home is your business — but when it goes beyond that in any way, it is the state's business.

A statist realizes this is a global world, and multiculturalism and multinational corporations require something a bit better than a 200+ year old document to guide us into the future.

There are those who say that Liberalism addresses ineraction and humanity, that Conservatism addresses tradition and morality, and that Libertarians value freedom and liberty. So be it.

Statism addresses ORDER and POWER.

If this was a statist environment, the enviroment would be cleaned up. The borders would be sealed off. The poor would be put to work, the homeless educated and gotten jobs, the middle class would have no fear of having a lack of social security, and the rich would be secure in knowing that they have the loudest voice since they would bear the heaviest tax burden.

If this was a statist government fully, you wouldn't have outsourcing and illegal immigrants taking your jobs, or companies placing their factories in some slum in Mexico rather than making jobs for honest Americans.

Liberals will give you compassion and say that gives them the right to tell you how to think and act, and that if you don't you are a hate monger and a bigot.

Conervatives will talk about morality and God and tell them that gives them the right to tell you how to think and act, and that if you don't you will go to Hell.

Liberatrians will go on and on about freedom and liberty and tell you that if you don't think and act the way they say you are giving up your freedom and you will suffer.

Statists? We'll just tell you what to do, how to do it, and let you get on with your life.

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