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Adding it up before the smoking gun

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How to kill this once and for all!

Setting a couple of things straight

Yes there is proof that Dr. Ron Paul is innocent of any charges of racism and I'll present the proof in a minute but first let's get a couple things straight starting with the word proof:

Proof: evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

Another thing that must be stated right off the bat is that these attacks where predicted before anyone knew of the newspapers and would come with or without a newspaper. In fact anyone running on Ron Pauls platform will face an attack like this and if there is no newspaper they will make one up. 

 Those that are attacking Ron Paul are now looking for a smoking gun of proof. They want to know who wrote the scandalous racism. Or do they? Have you ever noticed that there is always one more step you need to take to clear your name when you're in the middle of a smear campaign? First you need an apology or admission of some wrong doing. Then you need to clarify it a bit. Then you need to grovel or give money to some organization or show some proof that you are not a racist.

In fact let's look at a great example from Earl Ofari Hutchinson (American Chronicle):

So here's my challenge to Paul to prove that he didn't say or mean any of the racial jibes in the newsletters. Issue a clear and direct public statement, and that's not an off the cuff denial in a CNN interview, or on any other broadcast network, that says I fully support all civil rights laws, will work hard against racial and gender profiling, and will push government economic support initiatives to boost minorities and the poor. That's the challenge for Paul. Don't hold your breath waiting for him to accept it.

Ok the response from Ron Paul on CNN was an amazing blow back into the face of anyone trying to attack Ron Paul on racism and not just “an off the cuff denial” and that's why it needs to be dismissed so that people will listen to the attacks rather than give Ron a chance and listen to his response. In case you haven't had the chance to hear it from the horses mouth lets see what Ron Paul has to say for himself:

(including actual quotes and background on the whole attack)

I don't know how anyone can watch that and not be moved by Ron Paul's response.

In the challenge for proof Mr. Hutchinson wants money for minorities more groveling and support of all civil rights laws. Ok that sounds more like black mail then proof so let's examine the proof and then I'll get to the smoking gun:


Item #1

Ron's rebuttal in his own words:

Item #2

Ron Paul has written over 1,000 articles and speeches and the only time that he has spoken about racism is to condemn it as in the following:

“Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals . . . By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racists . . . we should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty.”

Item #3

In the many books that Ron Paul has written the only time he talks about blacks is to praise MLK, Rosa Parks and to condemn economic policies that he thinks are adversely affecting blacks.

Item #4

Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Gandhi are heroes of Ron Paul.

Item #5

Ron Paul's next money bomb was scheduled for MLK day long before the story even broke!

Item #6

White nationalists are now very angry with Ron Paul and planning protests against him because of the previous Item:

Item #7

Racism goes against the libertarian mindset see Item #2

Item #8

In the many decades Ron Paul has been on the planet no one can ever recall him every saying anything racist. Not one instance. There are no witnesses there is no audio there is no text … nothing!

Item #9

Everyone that's worked with Ron Paul or knows him on any level says this isn't Ron Paul that it's too out of character and not even his style of writing. Consider what the head of an NAACP chapter says about Ron Paul and the charge of racism:

Consider what one Hispanic former aid says about Ron Paul and racism:

And all of this is consistent with the accounts of hundreds of Blacks, Latino's, Asians and many other people that have met, talked, and worked with the man. This is why he has more support from blacks then any other republican candidate.

Item #10

Ron Paul's policies do not discriminate against anyone in fact he is the only candidate against the war on drugs which disproportional affects blacks.

Adding it up before the smoking gun

When you add up all the evidence of a lifetime of honesty, integrity and genteelism it passes the burden of proof and is enough to be proof:

Proof: evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.

When adding up the evidence that is Ron Paul's life there can be no doubt that he is not racist. But is that enough? Is it ever enough? Is this even about racism?

No No and NO!!!

The Smoking Gun that saves Ron Paul …. The final proof:

Even when faced with such mounting evidence there are still calls for more and more evidence, apologies and groveling because this has nothing to do with racism. I suppose the final smoking gun would be that the real writer would come forward sheepishly and say I did this. But would that be enough? No it will never be enough for then they will want a lie detector test, finger print analysis, DNA sequences, grainy movies, and maybe for Elvis to come back from the dead and weigh in on this as well. And then they would start to tear that apart or simply say: “it's not good enough because it happened under his watch and under his name so ok he didn't do it but if he cant manage a paper then blah blah blah …” fill in the rest.

Don't be surprised if someone does come forward. If they did then that person's record will surely be explored and scrutinized and no doubt have some serious racial stuff so we can focus on who was working on this meaningless paper under Ron Paul's name. Do you really think it would end with the smoking gun?

What this is really about

Some of the attackers are admitting that it's over to them. The argument is closed this case is settled. Because in America if you are white and accused of racism then that's about the end of it. You can kill, rape, fart in an elevator, kick a dog and back hand a nun and get a pass but if you're a white heterosexual man and get accused of racism then your pretty much toast. Americans have been conditioned to accept this situation and since it has always worked in the past it has to be tried again. It's pretty pathetic to see it tried so blatantly. Just a couple days before a primary surprise surprise this 30 year old story resurfaces. The timing tells you everything you need to know. And yet many will at the very least be temporarily side tracked, disillusioned and turned off before really checking all the facts out. But Americans are growing tired of this and this tactic is becoming more and more obvious. But the biggest reason why it won't work is Ron Paul himself. The more you see this man the more you like him. The more you listen the more you know your hearing real honesty for a change. The more you back him into a corner and attack him the more fired up he gets and then watch out! I'll admit that before this story really broke I knew about it and it troubled me (I actually wrote about this nearly a month ago) but I wanted to hear what Ron Paul had to say on the subject. After hearing Ron Paul and further researching the subject I'm convinced that Ron Paul is not racist and did not write those articles.

Consider how petty this all is. A rag of paper that Ron Paul didn't even care about, published when he wasn't even in office, probably forgot about while he cared for his family and other families has some writings that are completely alien to anything remotely like Ron Paul. And even though this is supposed to be about race in actuality this is character assassination in its most crude form. For consider the following hypothetical's:

What if?

Obama belonged to a racist anti-white church?

Hillary said racist things a few days ago?

McCain referred to all middle easterners indirectly as members of Al-Queda?

And of course actually they are all true with very little worry about any of them from the press.

More importantly

Are these really the most important issues of the day? Is this more important to the lives of millions of Americans than the huge issues facing the nation and what the candidates will do about them? The dollar has collapsed, housing market imploded, manufacturing gutted, unemployment rising fast, military cracking and mean while we are concerned with smearing an honorable man about something he didn't write 30 years ago.

All of the candidates except for Ron Paul are firm believers in globalism and less sovereignty for America. Not one candidate except for Ron Paul has even mentioned the falling dollar. Only one candidate believes in no more needless wars. Only one candidate is interested in giving the power of money (probably the most important power) back to the people. Only one is bucking everything and everyone has taken no special interest funds, gives portions of his congressional pay check back to the government, only one has said that he wants less power for the government and presidency and most important:


Instead of looking in vane for some second hand dirt on Ron Paul perhaps we should look at the motives of the people looking for the dirt.

How to kill this once and for all!

Ron Paul or the grass roots movement needs to embrace this argument and get aggressive. There is nothing to fear with these attacks but apathy from the movement. Its time to get a site up that is devoted only to Ron Paul and racism. Call it ronpaulracism dot com or ronpaultruth or whatever and put the negative articles up there with rebuttals and a message board for people to argue it out. On the home page put the best 5 videos that debunk this stuff with at least 2 straight from Ron Paul himself like the one I listed. That way people can click right on the first page and get the truth. Get all of Ron Paul's supporters to go to the site and sign up and click on google links to the site to have that site in the top of all search engines. What is being tried here is to let the allegations be the argument rather then to let Ron Paul speak for himself. The people bringing this up don't want people to know both sides and definitely don't want people to see Ron Paul defend himself in video form because they know it will only funnel millions and millions of people to him when they finally hear an honest descent man running for office for a change.

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