The Truth of Genesis: The Last Merry Christmas For America!

For the last 55 years at least, America’s institutions of learning have been solely teaching the false fairy tale of evolution, and refusing to examine other explanations for Earth’s fossil and geologic history.  By teaching Atheism, decade after decade, atheists and ungodly people, given over to a reprobate mind, have been put in positions of authority, making immoral decisions for our nation.  Case in point, the decision which was made by the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage, and the actions and policies of President Obama, the fore-runner of the anti-Christ.  Come Judgment Day (3024 AD?), they are going to pay.

Yehovah, our Creator, established the nation of Israel, in 1598 BC.  The United States, in 1776 AD, established itself in reference to our Creator.  When Israel abandoned God, and went their own way, they (the Northern kingdom) were overrun by Assyria in 722 BC, never to be heard from again, up till this point.  Judah (the Southern kingdom) was put into captivity by Babylon in about 587 BC, and could not return to their land for 70 years.

The United States has forgotten Yehovah, and has succumb to the idiocy of Atheism.  Not only are they saying that “there is no God”, they are also saying “there is no Satan”.  But that will soon change, as those that consciously worship Lucifer shall obtain control of the Earth (the new world order) for a short period of time.  The anti-Christ (king of the North) will rule the nations.  President Barack Hussein Obama is not the anti-Christ!

On the Fourth Day of Creation Week, about 4.6 billion years ago, God created all the celestial bodies (besides the Earth) in the universe.  The Sun was for the division of day from night, and for seasons.  The Moon was for appointed times.  The stars (future regions of habitation) and comets were for signs, to be given to mankind.  One of the most recent signs was the fragmented comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.  I make the proclamation that there were twenty-four fragments (one unreported), twenty sighted impacts (crashes), and one suggested impact, evidenced by a discovered plume.

I’m not a foreseer of the future.  In Genesis 1:14, God (Yehovah) said “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”.   I am giving my interpretation of the sign created in the heavens, given to mankind just when we had space crafts in the region of the planet Jupiter.

The impacts lasted for seven days, from July 16th to the 22nd, 1994.  That tells us that an event will occur and will be seven years in duration.  The seven years will start either twenty years after the impacts, twenty-one years after the impacts, or twenty-four years after the impacts.   I’m not sure yet.

My best guess is that this warning is for two nations: Israel, and the United States.  The first impact was on July 16 1994, of the Gregorian calendar.  The heavenly signs are calibrated by by the Creator’s calendar, as given to Israel.  I estimate that July 16th of that year corresponded to the seventh day of the fifth (Hebrew) month, which name is Av.  It so happens to be smack dab in the middle between the Feast of Pentecost (May), and the Feast of Trumpets (September).  Once the barley in Israel is Aviv, and the renewed Moon is sighted in 2014, in Jerusalem, we will about know when the fifth month will begin.  My pre-mature guess is that the seventh day of Av will be around July 4th, 2014.

One year from then, in 2015 AD, something will impact (take effect in) Israel.  Perhaps it will be the commencement of the rebuilding of the Temple, in order for it to be ready for 2018 AD, which would be the seventieth (Jubilee) year of Israel.  That would be 24 (fragments) years after the first impact of Shoemaker-Levi 9.  And then, the REAL (final) fun begins. 

More to come after the barley is Aviv, and “The Truth of Genesis: The Last ‘Happy Birthday’ for America” is written.

Herman Cummings

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  1. mnolan13 says

    What do you want to bet that a couple of years from now, evolution will still be accepted science, and you will be recalculating your end of days predictions?

  2. joelshirschhorn says

    I keep hoping that losers like this author who write such dribble commit suicide when their predictions clearly do not materialize.

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