Tea Party needs to go on offensive…

America, we don’t need to talk about the non-starter governor from New Jersey!  The ruling elite have selected him.  He fits their plans.  Should Hillary get the nomination she would wipe the floor with him.  Her experience, both in Washington and in world affairs would literally dwarf the overweight Republican liberal from another mob state, this time New Jersey! The media would turn on him instantly.

No, this is when Americans need to start talking about a Palin Presidency!  Sarah won my heart when she ran for Vice President.  I have read her book Going Rogue and recommend it to you.  Sarah did do things big things in Alaska and if John McCain showed one important characteristic of being a leader who knew talent when he saw it.  Think about Sara vs. Joe Biden… think about those two people. Think about what they have done, and their individual intellects.  It’s no contest.

The important thing for the Tea Party and conservatives is to get into the national discussion on the offense.  If conservatives rally behind Sarah, even if just for the next couple months, conservatives could than offer their solutions to the many challenges facing America through an effective and articulate voice, Sarah Palin.  America could hear about:

a. Privatization of health care, health care savings accounts, reintroducing supply and demand, and customer choice.

b. Leaving the world oil market  by changing federal policy and granting huge tracts of federal lands oil and gas leases so that America can develop its vast energy resources while restricting the refining and distribution to continental US customers.  This would separate us from the world market and allow America to create a lower cost of production here in the US.  This one action would win back the American market place for American companies.

c. Develop a Post-Cold War World US foreign policy that puts the world on notice that we are no longer the world policeman!  It’s time for an America First US foreign policy and now’s the time to create it…or at least begin that dialogue.  End US commitment to the Middle East with the exception of supporting our one and only true ally in the region.

d. Seal and secure the US borders by transferring Department of Homeland Defense assets to US borders and supplement them with returning US military forces.

e.  Tear up Political Correctness and centralization and re-establish the Constitution and the Republic! 

f. Balance the budget

g. Assert American exceptionalism and invite God back to the governing table.

The mass media, the RINO’s, the globalists all at the direction of the ruling elite will try to control the discussion within the Republican Party up to the Convention.  We simply can’t allow that.  They could usher in a column of second rate politicians to make the favorite flavor of the week for president.  This would dominate the news, and keep conservatives busy reacting to each.  But, if we settle behind Sarah and promote her that becomes the news and we can then also talk about a conservative agenda, a new “Contract with America.”

As Obama Care flounders and fails we would then be free to talk about repealing Obama Care, and looking to create policy which would give us an improved private sector health care system.  Do corporations want out?  You bet.  No question about it.  But they should not just walk away.  Maybe they need to be required provide each worker with an amount of money in a private sector health savings account!  Maybe, it would provide a chance to shift responsibility for health care from the corporations to the individuals and thus make patients customers thus re-introducing supply and demand and customer choice into the the financial health care formula!

America sits on a steep precipice.  Because of pent up investment and pent up consumerism our nation sits poised for a “Reagan era” like economic boom if the right national policies are adopted.  Our goal should be national self-sufficiency not just in terms of energy, but in terms of consumer appliances, autos, electronics, etc.  All of this would spur our nation and give the rising generations a taste of American prosperity.

We could close the borders, not only to illegals and drugs, but to foreign made goods.  America is a land with a heritage of merchants and makers.  We need to reclaim that heritage and reclaim the American marketplace for American made goods.  The federal government can do alot to make that happen.

Conservatives need to start talking Sarah Palin and solutions!  That should be our sole focus.  If the RINO’s can’t stand it, then we can leave.  They can’t win without the conservatives, the Religious Right and the Tea Party.  They are a minority within the GOP and without us, they are nothing.  So its time for the conservative Silent Majority to put an end to the tyranny within our own party.  Good bye Karl Rove.

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Mark Vogl

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  1. Kevin C Caffrey says

    I can’t believe that they caught Sara Palin in a bait and switch maneuver over the Pope. Apparently Sara called the Pope too liberal. It is not a good idea to start dividing Christians the way that the press made it out to be. Catholics believe in the Holy Trinity so that they are Christian and Sara should not discuss the Pope in a political light. It wasn’t a big thing but the press will take the smallest thing that Palin states and turn it into something derogatory.

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