GOP Serial Liars

We should be used to it by now, but how can you get used to outright lies by Republican politicians and their right-wing media allies. They are truly full time liars, this time about part time employment. The issue is still “Obamacare,” but now about America becoming a part time working country because of “Obamacare.” The talking point orchestrated by conservative think tanks, fresh off their propaganda tower of untruth, is recited by Fox News, Republican leaders and even some of the mainstream (lame stream media, called by Sarah Palin), for example, Maria Bartiromo, anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell.”

No need to check the facts. The talking points were handed out fresh today by conservative leaders. It was like an echo chamber throughout Washington and on Fox News broadcasts:  “Obamacare is causing a rise in part time employment.” No one bothered to look at the latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showing that “Americans working part time for economic reasons” went down to 7.9 million in September, this from 8.6 million the year before.

Through lying lips, even Ted Cruz repeated the refrain, and surprisingly he still gets an audience away from Texas, like he is a credible source for anything after he proved himself a serial liar during the shutdown and near default he orchestrated. Unblinkingly, he repeated the hot-off-the-conservative-fabrication-mill: “Obamacare is hurting millions of people, forcing them into part time employment.”

Each day with great unity, a slightly different assault is repeated over and over again, a cacophony of tinny sounds, ringing untrue:  Fox News’ Hannity, O’Reilly, and Stuart Varney. It’s Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, fresh from his shutdown. It’s Eric Cantor, like a cantor with a false chorus. They pound it into the heads of listeners, who are not used to such a unified chorus of pimped prevarication.  

 It is heard so often that mind-staggered Americans repeat it at work, at cocktail parties, on buses, in their dreams. It is akin to water boarding without the water being forced into your nostrils and your mouth, only conservative sound waves assaulting your ears day after day until GOP talking points repeatedly enter the cavities of our brains.

It is propaganda, pure and simple. Lies repeated just as surely as they are in banana republics where the media is control by the ruling dictator. In America it is controlled by either corporate bosses or right-wing organizations. The former are silent conspirators to the lies. The latter are active participants, mainly through Fox and Clear Channel sources.

Conservative think tanks have been working on linguistic programming based on neuroscience for the past 40 years in order to “frame’ specific wording into their political narrative – in order to brainwash media audiences. In the meantime, media has been freed (Reagan vetoed the FCC Fairness Doctrine) to provide an easy forum for all kinds of pulp.

On mainstream media interviews and talk shows, the right-wing machine only looks for exposure, the opportunity to heave out the script provided by the conservative network, and believe me if you watch many talking head interviews, the talking points are all the same. However, right-wing radio and Fox News are more condensed conservative nonsense, like thick acidic soup (what is happening to our oceans is a good metaphor – pollutants sucking oxygen out of the ocean), all programming built around misinformation and outright lies.

If you haven’t noticed, many think tanks were behind the GOP shutdown, including Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation – at least until Republicans started edging toward default and economic Armageddon. Also consider that the Koch brothers, inheritors of billions of dollars, act as though they want no one else to have the opportunity to be rich. They have spent a quarter of a billion dollars supporting organizations against ACA (“Obamacare”) and were for the shutdown.

Now they – think tanks like Heritage — continue to work on our minds. Rote learning works. Fascist governments proved long ago: If you repeat something often enough, it becomes truth.

Have any of you said to anyone, “Obamacare is a jobkiller or that it forces us into part time work”?

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