Sequestration didn't cause a crash… closing government won't either

Senator Obama had no trouble voting against raising the debt limit!  He called the rising deficit a failure in presidential leadership!  What’s happened since he became president?  Our national debt is more than two times what it was when he took office!  Is that a failure in leadership?

The Democrats are like spoiled kids.  If they don’t get their way they throw tantrums, yell and scream, threaten, and call you names!  Sounds like a first grader!

Are the Republicans any better?  Only marginally.  Republicans have waffled all over the place.  Speaker Boehner has finally found a backbone, but it sure took a while.  RINO’s like Peter King on Long Island are the real problem for Republicans.  (Peter King is safe on Long Island, because of the bi-polar political machines that control elections on the island.)  The GOP needs a house cleaning, RINO’s need to be thrown out, or at a minimum they need to lose Chairmanships!

America is in real trouble.  No question about that.  But why are we in trouble?  We are in trouble because the Bush – Clinton – Bush – Obama legacy has been war, debt, the New World Order, and progressivism.  Even Glen Beck has finally seen the light!  Today, Beck pointed to Karl Rove as the cause for most of the confusion and problems within the Republican Party!  And he is 100% right. 

Ted Cruz, like Sarah Palin, is hated by the neo-conservatives and RINO’s because they turn the lights on!  They speak in real terms, and tell the truth.  They have not been bought out.  They do precisely what they say they will do!  And they are listening to the American people.

Glen Beck today called on Louie Gohmert to primary John Cornyn!  Wow!  Louie Gohmert is my Congressman!  I can tell you he is everything he says he is!  I wanted Louie to run for Kay’s seat, and I told him so!  Beck hit this ball out of the park!  Glen Beck calls Gohmert a new guard.

Lindsey Graham, a chief Republican progressive and ally of John McCain and President Obama is facing a serious challenge in South Carolina.  This challenge by Nancy Mace, the first female graduate of THE CITADEL, and State Senator Bright illustrates the anger of the Republican base at the turncoats in Washington, D.C.  If Graham can be unseated in the primary it will send flares into the political stratosphere signaling a conservative counter revolution!

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing the right thing now.  America is 17 TRILLION IN DEBT!   The situation is not hopeless, we can change America, we can get a handle on the debt.  But we can’t do it if we keep moving down the road on Obama Care.

Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader in the Senate has condemned the new Guard, and the rise of conservatism.  He has declared war on the conservatives!  And so, maybe you all will consider a new political party.  Not a third party, but instead a replacement party for the Republicans.  It’s time for an America First Party.  A party where people like Sarah Palin, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Pat Buchanan, Billy Graham, Louie Gohmert would be the heroes and leaders!   America can change direction, we can fix our problems.  My daughters and their kids can have the prosperity that is at home in America.  But that can’t happen with an ever growing federal government and endless debt increases!

This fight has been coming for a long time.  It’s your choice.  You can choose to keep going down the same road.  You can accept the current conditions, an anemic economy, a pathetic America moving towards European socialism.  You can accept Karl Rove and globalism where American jobs are sent overseas while our borders are left wide open to illegal aliens. 

Things looked this dark when Carter was President.  But we found Ronald Reagan and everything changed.  The American economy took off, and we found a Commander in Chief who could win the Cold War!  We found a President who could work with a Democrat controlled House!  And we found a President that represented all people, not just his ethnicity!

America has the resources; we have the largest reservoir of fossil fuel resources in the entire world!  We don’t need to be reliant on the Middle East.  We can be self-sufficient.  And that’s my words, that comes from a Congressional Services Report on US oil and gas supplies.

We can change direction, have a booming economy, and begin to attack the looming deficit which is causing both inflation and stealing money from our seniors and from our children!  This fight over Obama Care could not happen when the Democrats owned both Houses of Congress and the White House.  There simply were not enough Republicans to stop it.  Now there are, and now they are trying to undo what should have never been done.  Look around, is America better than it was before Obama became President?  Do you feel more secure? Are your finances in better shape?  Are you kids faced with multiple job offers?  Or are they stuck with tens of thousands of dollars in college debt?

It’s time to stand with the Republicans!  Look when you’re in as bad a shape as we are you have two choices… do nothing and wait for foreclosure, or do what Americans have always done, take the bull by the horns and fix it!

Mark Vogl
Mark Vogl

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  1. mnolan13 says

    The last time that Americans took a stand with Republicans, they spent more than anyone before them, doubled the size of the federal government, added entitlements like Medicare D, entered us into a decade plus of insane undeclared war, doubled the national debt, and didn’t give the slightest crap about deficits or the Constitution.

    Republicans are every bit the irresponsible, lying, political whores that Democrats are. They will buckle to Obama just as they buckle to every leftist ploy in the book. The Speaker will tear up and tell us how much he loves America, as he sells our great-grandchildren down the socialist river.

    These folks have records that you can look at Vogl. They are not going to magically realize that capitalism works, they have already determined that the best way for them to “save” our economy is to abandon that crazy Adam Smith.

    The tea party is throwing wrenches in the works, and nothing more. Republicans will silence and marginalize conservatives at the soonest opportunity.

  2. Kevin C Caffrey says

    Imagine if Pat Buchanan had actually won the presidency what a better country we would have ended up living in.

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