Immigration Reform and more Lies

The recent debate over immigration reform, we have heard a lot of talk of the need to bring in more high skill and low skill immigrants. Pundits left and right, are giving the usual talking points you know “we just don’t have enough stem workers” or “who will pick the crops” I wish someone from the media would call out some of these lies that we are told to further corporate Americas agenda. For example, why aren’t we told the truth about stem jobs. There simply aren’t enough stem jobs for the people with degrees already in the country. And the lie “whose going to pick the crops” only 4 percent of illegals in the country work in agriculture. So the question is why do they want more immigration ? When we have stem unemployment rate of almost 8 percent, and blue-collar rate of 13 percent.

The reason is simple, they want cheap labor, after off shoring 30 million jobs they want to bring down wages for the jobs they can’t out source. Washington and they’re corporate masters have run an effective propaganda campaign for 3 decades. 15 years ago we were told trade with china is good trade will create high paying export jobs, and we will replace those factory jobs with tech jobs as we move into the technological age. As we now know those jobs never materialized, instead we ended up with low paying service jobs like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and cleaning jobs at hospital’s and university’s. What made this country great was people’s ability to graduate high school, and go into the work force and earn enough to support a family. Corporate America, and the puppets in Washington made sure that’s not possible anymore. Conservatives for all their” family values talk” have supported policies that break down the family unit, their policies force both parents to work while their children are raised by day care centers and Grand Parents.

Notice how the propaganda has changed in recent years, it has gone from trade will be great to….we just can’t compete in the global economy because of Obama, high taxes on the rich,  and too much regulation on business. The new one is public schools are bad, “it’s all the teachers unions fault” that’s the narrative being pushed now. After failed trade policies that have only benefited the top one percent,  caused a trade deficit of 7 trillion dollars, a loss of 30 million to 35 million jobs, they want to blame teachers, schools, unions and stupid lazy American workers. That is another lie being perpetrated “lazy American workers” Americans will pick crops if businesses would pay a fair wage, American’s work in steel mills and foundries, those are hard dirty jobs Americans will do them because they pay high wages ( higher than most) What about the “not enough science, technology, engineers, and mathematics (stem workers) The truth is America has more people with stem degrees than there are jobs in those fields. The percentage of Americans with college degrees has never been higher,  Corporate America in their search for even more profits wants to import workers who they can pay lower wages to. A hb1 visa holder not only makes a lot less money, but they are almost indentured servants, they have no choice but to accept whatever their employers does to them, because if their fired that could mean deportation.

How has trade changed America? well it’s made us a poorer nation the rich are richer than ever, everyone else not so much the middle class is shrinking more and more each year, millions more move into poverty how do the republicans respond? they want to cut food stamps yes, let’s out source jobs and then complain because people can’t live off Wal-Mart wages. We run a 600 million dollar trade deficit with countries like china every year. that’s wealth and jobs exported out of the country every year. We send them factories and jobs they send us cheap made goods, what happens when America is too poor to afford to buy all these out sourced goods? The corporations don’t care with the money they have made from out sourcing, they have become multi national companies, their all over the world now. Corporations don’t have borders their loyal to no country only share holders, China seeing the writing on the wall has begun to shift to other markets and becoming more of a consumer based economy. With all the problems we see so-called free trade has caused high unemployment, low wages, more people living off food stamps and Government programs. What is Washington’s answer ? import more cheap labor.

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  1. teapartyimmigrationcoalition says

    Finally! This is about 1% of the articles one finds on the net. Most are unfactual and emotional appeals to pass whatever leads to permanent residency for illegal alien invaders. We have long maintained that illegal aliens are invaders intent on stealing our jobs and raiding our treasury as well as doing us physical and emotional harm. We believe that all the statistics, statements by other Governments and our own leaders point to an invasion. We do not think that the term is pejorative; rather we think it is the only term which adequately describe what is going on.

  2. Kevin C Caffrey says

    Women ruined the family structure all by themselves by getting into the work force to begin with and then asking for not only equal but special rights for their inabilities. The corporate structure of America was all about doubling the work force just so that the cost of labor would go down. Creating labor in this country by in the end forcing women and men to work for wages that at one time the male could make by himself. That is what ruined the family not the conservatives who would have kept their wives at home. Oh, I agree with the article in many ways.

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