After New Hampshire Ron Paul hires Karl Rove??

I was just thinking about what a hellaciously bad ideological match yet incredibly successful political match this could be tonight after New Hampshire.

I really don't think this would, or even should happen but it could work.  Here's why.

1.  Ron Paul has enough money to pay the man.

2.  Rove is on the outs with the G.O.P. because they think he failed them in the mid-term elections.  If you read Rove’s bio, you will understand why he takes personal rejection  so, well, personally and just might be interested in something as crazy as this; not that Dr. Paul would, but remember this is just a thought exercise.

3.  They are both self-admittedly a little nerdy.

4.  There isn't a chance in hell McCain will have any use for him after what Rove allegedly did to him in the 2000 South Carolina Primary and Jeb Bush won't be ready to run for 4-8 years.  Even then, Jeb's more like his dad than his brother, and his dad had little use for Rove either at the end of their relationship.

5.  Rove's lack of integrity and blood-thirst need for power would balance Ron Paul's complete integrity and no desire for power.  Why do you think Ron Paul doesn't bicker on stage but instead just explains his policies?  Rove could change this.  Paul may even say something as off-putting as, “You keep talking about a position I changed my mind on from 20 years ago when I was running for President as the nominee of a different party; ever notice how these guys are 'clarifying' what they said just a few weeks ago?” or “How can the Democrats live with themselves?  Do they not realize that the people who can't afford health insurance or to go to college doesn't have a damned thing to do with upholding their Oath of Office to Protect the Constitution of the United States?  If they would repeal all of the crap that our government does but has no right to do, health insurance would be easy to afford.”

 6.  Getting the Pro-War, Bush-loving, “Turd Blossom” Rove on Ron Paul's side would indicate to the mainstream G.O.P. that Paul just might be right on this war in Iraq issue and allow Rove to sleep a little easier at night.

7.  Rove knows how to beat McCain.  If that push poll from the link above worked so well in South Carolina, imagine a reverse poll that said, “Would it affect your support of Ron Paul if you found out that he was a racist?” or “Would it affect your support of Ron Paul if you knew he said Lincoln was wrong for fighting a war to free the slaves?”  or “Did you know that Ron Paul was the only member of Congress to vote against a bill praising the Civil Rights Act on its 40th anniversary?” I know this may be distasteful to most, if not all, of you but I'm from the South and have spent a lot of time in South Carolina.  Racism is alive and well in the American South, and really how can it not be when 40 times tonight I've heard people on CNN talking about whether or not black people should support Obama.  Imagine if someone asked if white men should support Clinton or Obama?  So much for judging a man on the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. We all know Dr. Paul is the most non-racist candidate there is, as his explanation at the above link shows, but Rove could imply otherwise to help him win votes.  Once elected, he'd just keep on doing what he's always done; fighting for the Restoration of our Republic.

8.  Rove could even lead the Libertarian campaign if RP goes third party.  What an ego trip this would be for the guy.  And like him or not, the guy is shrewdly brilliant and understands the game.  Even if he couldn't deliver a victory, he could take the LP to a position of national prominence and cripple the party that abandoned him like everyone else in his early life did.

9.  Ron Paul is far easier to sell than Bush.  He is intelligent, charming, a principled.  RP wouldn't have to change a single position, he could let Rove spin it for him.

10.  Rove would be able to use the money RP has raised for absolutely maximum benefit.

10.4.  For all of Rove's faults, he has said himself that the two biggest issues in 2008 will be the Iraq War and the Economy.  Who has a stronger, more principled platform on both of these issues than Ron Paul?

I have to pull cheek out of my ear that my tongue pushed over there while I was writing this; there, that's better.  Seriously, though, as much as I hate to say it, when CBS runs an article about how Mike Huckabee sounds like Ron Paul (and honestly does a better job of explaining Paul's issue the first time he tries than Paul has almost all year), and Rudy starts talking about how the expansive federal government is taking money from the people, it may be time to get someone who knows how to shape the message for the masses.  If you are reading this, you don't need that help.  It's obvious from Iowa and New Hampshire that most Americans do.  Maybe the evil-genius Karl Rove could be the man to help the Good Doctor get the message out.  The message is perfect, there is no way to feel better about the man delivering the message, but the way it's being delivered needs a little work. Rove or somebody needs to make sure this happens because, unfortunately this campaign doesn't last 100 years like our occupation of Iraq might.

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