Obama Care needs to be in your cross hairs!

At least for the moment the looming possibility of war in the Middle East, or at least U.S. participation in the natural environment of the Middle East, war, is set to the side.  President Obama, the Peace maker, was faced down by the American people.  Opposition to war was heartfelt across the political spectrum within the United States.  The Democrats could not even assure the votes in the U. S. Senate, but certainly there was a huge block of votes in opposition in the House.  Had the President not changed course, taken the “life saver” thrown by Vladimir Putin, he would have been seriously embarrassed in Congress on a vote to authorize his use of force in Syria.

So, that distraction is set aside just in time to face the pending vote on a Continuing Resolution to fund the U.S. government.  And some where down the road, a short ways, will be yet another raising of the debt limit.  Each time this happens the value of your money declines, while the burden on our children and grnadchildren increase.  Our nation is addicted to debt, the eyes of our nation turning black like those of a drug addict.

Let’s start this discussion with the fact that the United States of America has NOT adopted a budget since the election of President Obama.  In fact, the budgets proposed by President Obama have not received even one vote by a single Democrat in either House.  Does that say anything about the reality of what is happening in Washington?  Speaker Boehner deserves atleast as much credit as Obama for this failure.  Both parties don’t seem to want to face the  mess they are “kicking down the road.”

Then let’s consider that the credit rating of the United States of America was downgraded for the first time in history!  It was not downgraded during the depression.  Our credit was not downgraded during President Carter’s misery years.  But I guess when you are more than 16 trillion dollars in debt, it’s time to consider downgrading the credit rating.

Now let’s talk about the debt.  40% of every dollar of what the federal government spends, whether its through the Department of Education in local school districts, or for the food stamps for illegal aliens, it is borrowed!.  How long could your household service if 40% of every dollar spent you borrowed?  How long would you be able to keep spending on your credit cards?  How long would your family loan you money every month?

Then let’s consider that President Obama and the Democrats have such faith in the government that they voted to take over all health care.  US health care is 1/6th of the American economy.    How many good things have your heard about veterans’ health care, or Medicaid, or Medicare?  And if Obama Care is so great why are the unions opted out, and why did Congress get President Obama to exemplt themselves and their staffs from Obama Care?  And of course President Obama and his family are not forced to participate in Obama Care.

Let’s look at the principle author of the Obama Care bill in the US Senate, Senator Max Baucus, Democrat, Montana.  He has called the implementation of Obama Care a “train wreck” and has announced he will not see re-election!

We know the estimates for the cost of implementation of Obama Care continue to rise, but those costs are based on 11 million illegal immigrants, not the 25 million who are actually here!  And since the border has not been secured what do you think will happen in Mexico and Central and South America when they here there is free medical care in America!?

How much more information would you need to put the implementation of Obama Care on hold until these very real concerns are addressed?

The Republicans in the House have a very serious, very real plan.  The Republicans want to pass the Continuing Resolution to fund everything but Obama Care.  This is not a secret; it’s been in the news, repeated often.  It’s time for you to stand up.  If you think Obama Care should be repealed, or at a minimum put on hold while we sort all the questions above than its time for you to make your voice heard to both of your US Senators and your Congressman.

The Democrat tactics have also been widely discussed.  The Democrats will not accept defunding of Obama Care, and if that’s what the House passes, Obama and Harry Reid and Senate will let the government shut down.  Now as a conservative that does not bother me at all.  I don’t care if they shut the government down.  I have seen it shut down before, and I know few people will even feel it.  But if you are someone who is not comfortable with shutting down government, but don’t want Obama Care than it is time for you to make your voice heard to Democrats and to Speaker Boehner.

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