Sarah Palin and a new American Party

“Not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”  

Alexis d’ Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835 

The inspiration for this article occurred while reading “What about a third party candidate” by Rachel Lynn Robinson on Nolan Chart,   Ms. Robinson, a Libertarian, asks:  “Is it reasonable to elect a third party candidate simply based on their stance on a few key items?” 

Ms. Robinson writes a good article, and offers an alternative to a third party, the redesign of the GOP.  She asks, how could we win a national election with a new party, if we don’t have the strength to re-invent the Republican Party? So in the end her solution is infighting within the GOP.  Unfortunately, we have been doing that since Ronald Reagan, and it has resulted in chaos in America and the election and re-election of a neophyte lightweight Barack Obama.

First, let’s make clear we don’t need a new third party, we need a new second party.  Difference?  What faces the United States is not about one or two, or three issues where we are headed in the wrong direction.  This is not about dissatisfaction by groups of single issue voters.  This is about what the United States is, how it will conduct itself in the Post-Cold War World, and whether it has the heart to sustain the most successful national model in history! 

America is in chaos.  It starts with God.  It starts with the rise of secular humanism and the removal of God from the center of our nation.  This process started before the American Civil War, but clearly accelerated in the 1950’s to today.  Any new national party wanting to offer America salvation as a nation must start with inviting God into the Big Tent.  If the tent ain’t big enough for God, the rest is a waste of time.

Christianity was the foundation of colonies, it was their inspiration, it was what brought the first settlers to America.  The “Mayflower Compact,” designed and accepted on the Mayflower before the 102 settlers set foot on America’s coast is seen by historians as the seed for what became the American model of governance.  And in that compact God sits majestically.  There is no subtlety about His presence in that document.  Even today’s political correct morons could not convince you that God is only referred to.  No, He is there in all His glory to commence the creation of the nation we live in today.

The new American Party must humble itself before God.  The people of America must NOT make the mistakes of Israel and other nations.  It is time to bow, time to repent as a nation.  It is time to ask God for His “guidance and protection” as the people of the South did in their 1861 Constitution.  The new American Party must accept Christianity as it’s compass, it must provide the direction for domestic and foreign policy or everything else attempted by America will result in the same ends as all other nations. 

Yet, there is much more the new American Party must do.  It must re-assess the modern world and our nation’s place in it. 

America must re-acquaint itself with the concept of republic.  The Constitution was not an “enabling” document.  It was a protecting document.  The Constitution was an attempt to design a central government limited, or restrained, to only those things a central government must do.  The original concept was to allow each of the states to retain as much control of its domestic development as possible.  This concept allowed for both diversity and experimentation, while allowing states to retain much of their own identity and sovereignty   This should be the second foundation of the American party.

The third foundation should be nationalism, and a new national economic self-sufficiency.  America must retake its own markets.  This does require policies and action at the central government level, as stimulus to American business entrepreneurship, industrial ingenuity and creativity and the American work ethic.  It requires domestic oil and gas exploration, development production, something Governor Palin is quite familiar with.  Liz Cheney recently articulated the very concept of development of our own energy reserves.  By doing this, we could separate ourselves from the world market, employ millions of our own people in good paying jobs and create the economic foundation for a renaissance in U.S. industry and manufacturing.

Trade should be used as a tool, not as a give away principle that has reduced America to third world status.

And lastly, we must find our place in the world. 

We are no longer the leader of the Free World.  That battle has subsided for a time.   No we are just one of more than two hundred nations trying to make our way.  Our foreign policy must not only meet our national security needs, and our hopes and aspirations but it must be within our means.

I am not a Liz Cheney supporter (yet).  To be one, I would have to know where she stands on questions of morality.  Is she a Christian?  Her father disappointed me with his embrace of homosexuality.  This violates Christianity, the sanctity of God and His natural law.  But Liz Cheney is absolutely right about the economic potential of the United States.  We could enter a new era of prosperity were this nation’s policies shifted towards self-sufficiency.

A new second party, the American Party is the answer, it is the political locale where our nation can be reborn unto itself.  No, this can’t happen in the Republican Party.  It’s corruption is too widespread, it’s infestation by special interests, American and non-American, too deep.  And there is a “royalty” within the Republican Party that defies the  basic concept of America, that all men are created equal.  No, we need an American Party and Sarah Palin bests reflects that party.    


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Mark Vogl

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  1. pete4palin says

    History is repeating itself. The Republican party is going the way of the Whig party. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. $8286393 says

    Please never say “3rd Party.” That’s like saying “second fiddle” only worse, or like saying “Runt Party or “Hind t*t

    Instead say “New Party, which would in fact be a good name for it.

    Thank you.

    • MarkVogl says

      If you read the article, I did say we need a new second party, a replacement for the GOP. Not a third party that goes no where and does little.

  3. Pat says

    Tea Party version 1.2. Go ahead & try. Corruption eventually creeps into EVERY party. History repeating itself. Maybe like the catholics with a pope and lots of gold you might have better luck creating a religious party. In that case might as well join the wealthy mormons – they have a head start on trying to control the government. There’s always the scientologists – in fact both those religions have planets even. You could just keep it simple & call it God’s Party since God is supposed to be the center of it.

    • MarkVogl says

      For every season there is a time. Just as we all age, you are right all parties, and in fact all nations are corrupted. But it des take time. So for our time, a new party could be the least corrupt and the most effective in changing the course of this nation!

      • Pat says

        Yes, it may be the least corrupt at the outset. . . until it becomes corrupt which it will. Mrs. Palin would be the new “royalty” along with Todd who recently said, “What’s in it for us?”. I think Mr. & Mrs. Palin would actually be more suited for some king of TV evangelism – lots of money to be made in that field. There was corruption in the tea party from the outset. Political parties have to have money – that’s where the corruption begins (oh & the lust for power). Nations go to war in the name of “God”. Has there ever been a non corrupted political party – ever?

        • MarkVogl says

          Pat, I feel sorry for you. In your words I hear a complete lack of optimism. If you believe in Christ you could not be without optimism. It was God who led man to create this nation, and though it is in chaos now…that chaos can be so easily cast out…all we need do is repent and ask God into the halls of governance.

  4. wodiej says

    Firstly, it’s Governor and it’s Sarah not Sara. Second, who cares if Cheney embraces homosexuality or not. I thought he and Bush were awful leaders but it had nothing to do with whether Cheney accepted his daughter as she is. If you want to talk about God’s law and morality, look in your own back yard. I’m certain you and every single person on this planet can find more than a few things that are not embraced by the Bible which is backwards and written not by Jesus but by a bunch of sexist, arrogant, greedy, power hungry men.

    • MarkVogl says

      Anonymous person I find nothing I disagree with in the Bible. It is the inspired word of God. you should talk to a Pastor in your town, your soul is in jeopardy.

    • MarkVogl says

      Anonymous person you need only to read the Bible to see the many times Israel turned from God. They are clear and distinct. And if you have not read the Bible it will provide an opportunity for you to learn so much more about the faith of the men who settled this nation.

      • Pat says

        Who exactly are these men ye speak of that settled this nation and what DID they say about their faiths?

        • MarkVogl says

          Pat, there is a book titled The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States. In that book of more than 1000 pages you will find a chapter dedicated to the Founding Fathers…it tells you about the faith and beliefs of scores of the men who participated in the founding of this nation. Also, you can read the letters of many of those men, and read their own words. In summary, they believed in God and George Washington himself said “It is impossible to govern without God and the Bible.”

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