A storm could be brewing in South Carolina

Lindsey Graham (some call him Graham-nesty) is one of those Senators who’s standing on melting ice.  A representative of the conservative state of South Carolina, Graham has voted against the people of his state time and again.  He has forgotten who he represents.  Recently, Senator Graham defended the White House in the brewing IRS scandel.  

Graham seems to have forgotten his roots.  The Confederate flag still flies on the capitol grounds in Columbia.  This is the birthplace of secession, and a willingness to fight to save the Constitution, even if it meant the union must perish.  Things have not changed all that much in South Carolina since 1865.  It’s governor. Nikki Haley, is a rising star within the conservative base of the Republican Party.   If Chris Christie represents the RINO’s of New Jersey, Haley represents the conservative core of her state.

So the ground is fertile for woman conservatives, and one young lady whose name is already a household word in South Carolina, Nancy Mace, is considering jumping into the contest for the Republican nomination of U. S. Senate. 

Nancy Mace was the first woman to graduate from the Military College of South Carolina, THE CITADEL.  You may remember the national news when the Supreme Court forced THE CITADEL and Virginia Military Institution to accept women applicants.  Shannon Faulkner, the woman who lied on her application about her gender in order to get a letter of acceptance at THE CITADEL, did not last a semester.  But Mace, not only survived, she excelled and was a constant and favored name on the Citadel alumni internet list during the years she attended.

Created in 1842, and credited with firing the first shots of the Civil War at the USS Star of the West in January, 1861, THE CITADEL is one of the very few military colleges in the U. S.  It commissions more officers for the U. S. Armed Forces every year, than any other college in the nation.  It’s Corps is about 2,500 and it has been rated the No. 1 Public College in the South two years in a row.

The Citadel alumni are known to be strongly tied together, and still retain much political clout, especially when it comes to electing people.

A recent story in The Liberty Paper reported Mace had strong support within the South Carolina Tea Party, and the Liberty group.  In addition, Mace could probably count on strong out-of- state support from conservatives across the land who have been repeatedly disappointed and upset with Graham.  For conservatives, the representatives from South Carolina are expected to be in the conservative leadership of the nation.  Graham has been absent for years.

As I wrote in an earlier story, THE CITADEL is a place dedicated to the creation of citizen soldiers and community leaders.  Leadership is it’s principle commodity, and Mace may be its prettiest face on the national scene in the coming months.

Graham deserves, has earned retirement.  The pendulum may be swinging hard right in an effort to take America back.

( I would be remiss, and dishonest if I did not report to the readers that I still oppose women attending THE CITADEL.  There are dozens of all female colleges in America and the continued confusion over gender roles is creating chaos in our society.  That said, Nancy Mace is a pioneer who set high standards not only for the women who followed her, but for all members of the Corps.) 

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  1. says

    One of the things I would suggest to Mrs. Mace, as I have done, and will continue to do, in Georgia, as a Tea Party initiative, is to not ask for, or accept, any outside-of-the-state political contributions or endorsements during her “primary” campaign. The primary election is for the people of each state to decide and should not be sold out to Washington insiders and special interests long before the voting booth door is even open.*

    ex animo
    *Sadly, this also includes any national Tea Party donations or endorsements, unless they come from their organization within the state of South Carolina.

    • MarkVogl says

      David, your limitation seems unsound since your opponent may not be abiding it. If you have no money, and he has all of it, no matter where it came from you will lose. Further, Congress makes laws that affect all of us, not just your state. Good luck with your effort, but should you lose in the primary, maybe rethink your purity angle. I wish it were law…that money and votes had to come from within the respective states… But having been in election campaigns for 20 years or more I have heard too many inexperienced campaigners say things they regret later.

      • says


        Fair enough. But it is anticipated that Mrs. Mace’s opponents will ignore this restriction. In fact, I am counting on it. In the meantime, Mrs. Mace should build up her state-wide campaign and we shall see who has the hearts and minds of the people on primary day.

        As far as Congress making laws that affect all of us…I suspect the general race will address those issues, wherein outside-the-state contributions and endorsements will, of course, be accepted — but only after the good people of South Carolina have spoken first in their primary.

        ex animo

    • Mr. Smith says

      I, for one, will stand with anyone, with money, in person, if that Candidate will fight for the ideas that are the American Experience. The history of mankind shows us that for thousands of years man existed without much advancement for humans as a hole & especially the Individual. With the advent of America and the ideas America represented, Government by & for the People, Rule of Law, Individual Freedom, Free Market, man was on the moon in less than 300 years. That is testament to what Freedom for the Individual will do. Until America, all forms of “Government” only held the Human Race back and in bondage! If not physically, then spiritually & intellectually.

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