Neocon Champ Senator Marco Rubio on Immigration

After winning his Senate seat in 2010 Senator Marco Rubio did not even thank the Tea Party organization for his victory during his acceptance speech. In fact, when asked questions about the Tea Party Senator Rubio tries to distance himself from the Tea Party. Senator Rubio this February said that he backs Carl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project PAC as something worthwhile in order to get more mainstream Republicans elected in districts that a Tea Party candidate would lose during a general election. Why would a person reject the group of people most responsible for their senate victory?

A Self-centered man like Senator Rubio with his eyes on a much larger role for himself in American politics must think of himself as a visionary. Perhaps the presidency is on Senator Rubio’s mind and this requires much more than small government conservatives like those in the Tea Party. Senator Rubio must become a Republican Establishment man and this means that he must be many things to many different people.

 Money is very important when it comes to presidential politics. The Tea Party has nowhere near the money that a candidate Marco Rubio would need to win the Republican primaries and then go on to win the White House. This kind of money can only come from the establishment and who understands the establishment better than the Neoconservatives.  

It did not take long for the neoconservatives to pass the torch to Senator Rubio. James Kitfield wrote an article called The Neocon Torch: Marco Rubio; Kitfield argues how at a retirement party for Senator Joe Lieberman Senator Rubio laid out his ideals about American global leadership, freedom fighters, and America’s quest against evil around the world. This was hardly a speech that someone would hear from traditional conservatives like Pat Buchanan or Russell Kirk. The neoconservatives believe that it is America’s mission to spread democracy around the world. The amount of American blood and treasure is of little importance to the neoconservative internationalist.

Many people are not aware of what exactly a neoconservative is and what they stand for it is important to solve that problem here. Neoconservatives had a home in the Democratic Party and they did not start coming over to the Republican Party until the days of the Rockefeller Republicans. The neoconservatives are interested in big government and international institutions with America at the helm. Hence, for the neoconservative it is the job of every American president to rid the world of evil and to help the downtrodden.  

What confuses people about the neoconservative is that during the Cold War traditional conservatives felt that it was necessary to approach the Soviet Union with a containment strategy. This containment strategy brought America into wars like the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict, but these wars where in order to stop communist aggression. The neoconservatives saw the end of the Cold War as a time of peace but also as a time of great opportunity to bring democracy to the world.

The big difference between Cold War presidents and neoconservatives is that conservatives acted out of national interests; and the neoconservative presidents fight wars for reasons that do not reflect America’s national interest. The best example is the most recent Iraq War and the idea that America did not have a national interest at stake. Hence, America should probably have avoided the war altogether.

Neoconservatives are big government and big spending politicians that do not really care much about a balanced budget approach to American politics. Conservatives and the Tea Party are interested in limited government and balanced federal budgets. The neoconservatives are globalists who believe in handing American sovereignty over to international institutions. Conservatives believe in looking out for the best interests of the American people. The aforementioned paragraphs discussing neoconservatives explains the confusion when a person hears the term conservative because the term is loaded with many different meanings in today’s political realm.

When the term neoconservative is used for Senator Marco Rubio then the reader must understand what political philosophy is being discussed and what Senator Rubio stands for. With this in mind let’s turn attention to the “Gang of Eight” and the Senator’s role in immigration reform.

The immigration bill being proposed by the “Gang of Eight’ does not have the American peoples best interest in mind. Every President since President Reagan has wanted to get some sort of immigration bill passed. It should be noted that Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama are all globalist leaning Presidents who all wanted or want immigration reform. Immigration is good for big business, commercial farmers and all other businesses that benefit from unskilled labor. There is nothing good that can come from the immigration bill being presented by the “Gang of Eight” for the American working class.

The President of the Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint argues that over the next fifty years the legalization of eleven million illegal aliens will cost the American people 6.3 trillion dollars. DeMint argues that the Rubio family immigrated to the United States in the 1950’s before the big social welfare changes of President Johnson’s “Great Society” and today’s Patient Protection  Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed by the Obama Administration.  DeMint argues that the welfare state that exists in America today is detrimental for the American people because the low skilled immigrants that will receive amnesty will cost the American people more than they pay in taxes.  

The 844 page bill created by the “Gang of Eight” is difficult to understand and some think the bill will have many repercussions that the bill does not account for. For instance, many think the border should be secured before any forward movement or talks about amnesty are on the table for discussion. For many traditional conservatives the new immigration bill looks like what was seen under President Reagans Amnesty plan. The bill promised enforcement and yet in the end we have millions of illegals in the country again and the problem is even worse now than it was during the Reagan Era.

In Florida there are Tea Party activists that are picketing outside some of Senator Rubio’s offices about the immigration bill. The protesters are saying “no to amnesty” and the immigration bill that Senator Rubio is trying to rush through Congress. Apparently Senator Rubio is listening because he sent a letter to the protesters promising that he was not going to try to rush anything through the Congress that does not fix the border problem. Paraphrasing the letter from Senator Rubio he thinks that he is doing what the Tea Party sent him to Washington to do and that is tackling the big problems in Washington.

Can Senator Marco Rubio be trusted as a man for the American people? Is Senator Rubio a man that stands for the ideals of America first, limited government, secure borders, constitutionalism and balanced budgets? This article has pointed out that Senator Rubio is a neoconservative and not a real member of the Tea Party. It is easy to believe that the best interests of Senator Rubio are whatever benefits Senator Rubio and his aspirations.      


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  1. MarkVogl says

    Kevin this is a good article which absolutely describes important elements of neo conservatives and where they come from. In addition, you are right about Marco Rubio. I had suspicions about him from the beginning and he didn’t take long to confirm he’s sold out.

  2. Bentree says

    Lets see, how does it go? Something about power corrupting? It was not wasted on Rubio, he got the picture, the hint, the hand writing on the wall, when they threw the tea party into the alley in Tampa.

    • Kevin C Caffrey says

      They kicked the libertarians under the bus but I don’t think they treated the Tea Party that badly. Power does corrupt your right about that.

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