Green Energy Regulations make 85 Billion look Cheap

The United States has more coal than any other country in the world. Our country has plenty of oil and gas that needs to be tapped. Pipelines like the Keystone pipe line from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico needs to be completed. If President Obama would put his love of green energy and his fallacious belief in climate change aside and move forward with a realistic energy plan this country would have more money to pay down our federal debt.

A realistic legacy for President Obama should be the idea of putting the United States well on its way to fulfilling America’s independent energy goal. Another legacy could be the incredible turn around in the American economy and the nation’s ability to pay down the federal debt due to the Presidents energy policy. President Obama with a fossil fuel energy plan could become the liberal Twenty First century Ronald Reagan.

The sequester will save 85 billion dollars about two percent of the governments federal budget. President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headed by Lisa Jackson has pressed forward creating a path of regulations that has cost America billions of dollars. For instance, just the mercury policy that Lisa Jackson implemented will cost the American people 100 billion dollars a year according to the Electric Reliability Coordinating Council. This is why President Obama’s campaign about sequestration makes little sense. President Obama needs to just call his EPA pit bulls off of the Coal Industry and other fossil fuel industries and he would have much more than 85 billion.

An article by William Jasper lays out a great case of science and what scientists really think about the idea of CO2 and climate change. President Obama stated in his “State of the Union” address that he would do something to stop the forward motion of climate change for our children. Jasper argues using many sources and references that in the research of many scientists is the idea that global warming is inconclusive to be kind. Mr. President, What climate change?

The United Nations and the statistics that they have developed and put out regarding climate change are considered erroneous by many scientists. This is due to the fact that many scientists who have created data pointing to a climate change are all supported by governmental sources for financing or by NGO’s. It is just plain wrong for the President not to take the advice of many of the renowned scientists who do not believe in global warming. The whole idea and the costs to American businesses and citizens are much higher than the benefits that the President is suggesting.  

 President Obama has stated that he will go around Congress and pass Executive Orders and use his various governmental agencies like the EPA to make his global warming agenda prevalent. The Secretary of Interior has already started the policy of not opening federal government land permits for drilling. This crushes the access that companies need in order to drill on federal land. There are many ways that the Obama administration can hinder national economic growth. America’s energy policy should be as free and loose as President Obama was with the American Citizens money for companies like Sylandra. However, unlike Sylandra a loose energy policy for now will help grow the American economy and make America energy independent.

The EPA is willing to kill American jobs in order to shutdown coal burning power plants around the country. Close to fifty percent of America’s electricity comes from coal. The new technologies for harnessing natural gas mean that the United States can begin to use more natural gas. This is due to the new stringent guidelines on coal due to the new EPA policies. Yes, it will actually be cheaper to just shutdown a coal burning power plant than to build and implement a gas fired power plant

The only way that the United States Coal Industry can survive is by shipping more coal overseas to the largest coal burning country in the world and that is China. China at one time was putting a coal powered plant on line each week and this was when AL Gore, the United Nations, and other nation-states were all talking about reducing man’s carbon footprint and the dangers of Global Warming. China does not want to have anything to do with the countries bend on ruining their manufacturing base due to unrealistic carbon and mercury emission restrictions.  

Let’s look at it another way — if the United States is not burning coal than who will pay for the switch from coal to gas? The consumers will pay for it through higher fuel costs for the next ten years the time it will take to switch from coal to gas. In the end the consumer once again will pay for President Obama’s green energy policy. Clean air is worthwhile but if America is playing by its stringent environmental rules and countries like China are allowed to be careless about air pollution that will affect the price of American products for export. President Obama is so green minded that it appears that he is not rational about what is best for the United States.

Moving on to oil the same groundwork is being applied as in the case of coal. Federal land leases for drilling that used to take one month are now taking three months to get passed by the federal government. One thing that needs to be answered is who benefits from high gas prices in America? The President insists on keeping the price of gasoline as high as the administration has the capacity to influence such matters. Everyone agrees that America needs to be energy independent. Why is the President not allowing drilling in Alaska and offshore or building pipelines like the Keystone pipe line?

Once again the President seems not to care about the cost of gasoline for the average American. Many Americans are probably traveling further for less money because of taking a job that they are over qualified for due to the length of the latest recession. Hence, gas prices are making the lives of many Americans very difficult while putting them in a situation where they have no extra income to spend. The American economy is a consumer based economy and therefore, people must have extra income to spend. Without spending the American economic environment runs into the stagnation that the United States is seeing with regards to President Obama’s “New Normal.”

One must argue that President Obama’s strategies about many domestic policies are counterproductive. The President thinks that more government is the answer instead of less government and that bureaucracies are better than an American business. The President thinks that green energy is the key to America’s future while others say let us worry about the economy today. The United States has some of the cleanest air and water in the world for an industrialized nation and that should be good enough at the moment. The federal debt and entitlement programs are what America needs to concentrate on.

A growing United States economy is what America needs not this lethargic crawl in the American economy today. If increases in fossil fuels outputs and cheap gas prices are the answer to the American economic problem then let’s drill. It is quite evident that the drilling on private lands has brought booming economies to areas of the country that have never seen the prosperity that they are now seeing because of oil and gas. The 85 billion in the sequester cuts is a joke. America could make much more than that in taxes each year if the country would just utilize its talents in citizens and technology in regards to fossil fuel drilling.  


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  1. xboxman says

    what good will it do to save a lot of money if we are all sick or dead from mercury ???
    it’s only 29.04 % of the power in the USA thats from coal not 50%

    and china is going to cut CO2

  2. LogicalPremise says

    More to the point, you *are* aware there is only so much coal, so much oil, so much natural gas. When it runs out is not the time to try to switch the economy over to other uses and sources.

    On selling coal to China, though, meh.

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