2012 Election is over. Now What?

Now that the Election 2012 is over and the dust has not settled I must say that I do not believe America is on the right track and the chances of America being Prosperous again are very thin indeed. The America that once was and that most of We the People love may be over. I am not a Doomsday person but I feel the Truth needs to be told.

Obama won the Election not because of anything he did. He did not change and the only thing that was changed was his slogan from Hope and Change to Forward. I doubt even if he had anything to do with that.

The people behind the curtain ran the 2012 Election and they had a lot of time to plan. Obama is just a point person and or spokes person.  The people behind the curtain are the same ones that where behind Bush previously and Romney during the 2012 Election.  Now is there any smoking hard proof of this? Not really. But as the saying goes follow the money and also see who met with whom during the years prior to the 2012 Election. America put on your thinking caps on.

With that said and knowing that there is no difference at the top when it come to Republicans and Democrats and that they are both taking America in the wrong direction because both have the same people behind the curtain. Then why continue to support and help either one?

Tea Party people and True Americans belived that it was possible to reform or save the Republican Party and this has not worked and will not work unless you could take everyone out and put in all new people that would listen to the American people and not the people behind the curtain. I do not see this ever happening in real life. Do You?

I looked at the numbers for the 2012 Election votes and it was around 123 Million total. There is a lot of people not voting. The only way to change the above situation is to: #1 Get all the people that did not vote to vote. #2 Stop trying to fix the Republican Party, It just will not work. #3 Have all these people vote for a person that will really help the American people and a person who is running as a Libertarian Candidate. The Libertarian person would the get around 100-150 Million votes. With that many votes the people behind the curtain could not say that the count was wrong. Why do you think every Election the word goes out that if One votes for a third party the vote is wasted? The people behind the curtain are afraid of two many people voting for a third party and the third party actually wining.

American Only You can put America back on the right track and restore America to the Strong Sovergein Nation and Sovergein People again with True Freedom for ever American.

The people behind the curtain:What is their goal? What does redistribution of Wealth really mean? What really  is the purpose of the term New World Order that so many Presidents and Politicians  have used so openly in the last few years? Please Read next Article to find out.

America God Bless and Be Safe

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