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Report Violation

Our terms of use are very simple. No one may use this site for any of the following prohibited purposes:

  • Ad Hominems:  No one may issue an unjustified personal attack against any other person. An attack shall be considered unjustified if it is not shown, via evidence, to be literally true.
  • Spam/Spyware:  No one may spam the site for the purpose of promoting other websites, services, or products
  • Individual Rights:  No one may publish another person's copyrighted material on this website without permission or proper citation or to violate anyone's privacy, property, or any other rights.

Anyone who violates this policy is subject to being placed on our blacklist.

Additionally, all columnists are subject to our publishing rules, which may be read by logging into the columnist control panel and clicking the link labeled, "The Rules."

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To report a suspected violation of our terms of use policy, please check the information below and submit it to our attention. Be sure that the information shown below represents the correct entry being reported. False reports are frowned upon. We must have your correct email address in order to process your report. If you fail to provide a working email address, your report will be ignored!

Your Name:

Email (required):

Supply relevant details of the violation:

No Personal Attacks (Ad Hominems)

Personal attacks are also known as ad hominems. An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument to the man", "argument against the man") typically takes the form of name-calling. You must affirm that your current comment contains no personal attacks and that you agree to never engage in personal attacks in any future reader comment you might post on this website.

It is a personal attack if you use a derogatory name that is not literally true. So, for instance, if you want to call someone a "clown" you must also provide some evidence that he dresses up in baggy clothes and puts on grease paint on weekends to entertain at children's birthday parties, or something similar. If you fail to provide evidence backing the use of the particular derogatory name you use, your comment is in violation of our rules. It is subject to immediate removal, and you yourself are subject to being blacklisted from the site at the discretion of management.


No Spam or Spyware

Spam is prohibited on this website. You must agree to refrain from posting spam, posting comments for the purpose of encouraging spam, and any other use of this website for spamming. Posting of links to spyware or malware-infested sites is also prohibited under this rule, as is attempting to infect this site with spyware or malware.

By clicking the above link, you are affirming that your current comment, as well as any future comments or articles you post on this website, does not contain or engage in any spamming, spyware, or malware activities.


Protect Individual Rights

This site advocates the protection and defense of everyone's rights as a matter of policy. By agreeing to this rule, you are agreeing both in your current comment and in any future comments not to violate or incite others to violate anyone else's rights.

Some examples of rights violations in reader comments are as follows. This is only a partial list and should not be considered all-inclusive:

  • Posting comments that directly violate copyrights of others
  • Posting comments that publish the contact information of others
  • Posting comments that directly violate the individual rights of others


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